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Beitragvon Schorsch » 1. April 2005, 09:17

Rush 30th Anniversary DVD in the works?: Geddy Lee confirmed that Rush
filmed their Sep. 24, 2004 R30 show "as a historical record of 'this'
tour". A recent industry article, however, makes it seem that a great deal
of cost and effort went into the recording for a simple "historical
record": "Brad Madix leans over an 80-input Yamaha PM1D inside the
cavernous Festhalle, the centerpiece of Frankfurt's Messe convention
complex....A crew of 14 cameras is shooting footage for what will
ultimately become Rush's second DVD music video. The fact that the cameras
are HD, shooting in 1080p, indicates the band and its management plan a
long and profitable revenue life for this project, well into the arrival of
the next generation of high-density disc formats (HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc)
and the proliferating number of high-def broadcast outlets in the U.S. and
elsewhere...The video shoot was financed by the band and its Canadian
management company, Anthem Entertainment, and will cost several hundreds of
thousands of dollars by the time post-production and 5.1 mixing are
finished. Thus, it wouldn't be surprising if the evening's emphasis
naturally tended to be on the shoot over the show. 'The video is expensive,
true, and it will be around for a long time in the form of a DVD,' Maxix
concedes." - Rushing Into Something New, FOH Meets DVD on the Rush European
Tour, FOHonline, Jan. 2005

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Beitragvon Ulle » 1. April 2005, 09:34

DĂŒrfte wohl die einzige Musik-DVD sein, die "Rush In Rio" in nĂ€chster Zeit toppen könnte :)
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