Just ordered #21

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Just ordered #21

Beitragvon MightyTior » 13. August 2013, 21:12

With the 12". Can't wait to lay my mitts on that bastard. Support people!
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Re: Just ordered #21

Beitragvon caminantenocturno » 26. August 2013, 09:16

... got it on Sunday, but no time so far to read and hear. I hope they are not serious about the limitation to 250 copies ...
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Re: Just ordered #21

Beitragvon Prof » 27. September 2013, 11:10

For the extensive interview with Jerry and Rob from Helstar alone, this bumper issue is worth the price of admission.
I'm looking forward as well to delving into the Paul Chapman/UFO feature.
And before I forget: the Arkham Witch album review is an instant classic. :smile2:
Merci d'avance pour des dizaines d'heures de lecture, Laurent!
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Re: Just ordered #21

Beitragvon Titus » 30. September 2013, 22:14

I really have to disagree. Not with Prof though, but about your foreword. You ARE the top! Just right in the way you use to see it, as this is the only way to. There are very few records that are worth the wait, as it is for a new snakepit issue.
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