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Omen is best-known for melodic yet aggressive power metal/fantasy metal along the lines of King Diamond, QueensrĂżche, Savatage, Manowar, and Helloween; Omen is forceful and hard-driving, but they're always been musical and melodic. The band was formed in Los Angeles in 1983 by lead guitarist Kenny Powell, who had been a member of an L.A.-based band called Savage Grace. Powell's early influences included Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, UFO, Ronnie James Dio, Black Sabbath, and Rainbow (among others), and Omen's Metal Blade and Enigma recordings of the '80s reflected the guitarist's appreciation of those headbangers.
Omen has had its share of lineup changes over the years; in addition to Powell, the band's early members included lead singer J.D. Kimball (R.I.P.), bassist Jody Henry, and drummer Steve Wittig. In 1984, Omen signed with the L.A.-based Metal Blade and recorded their debut album, Battle Cry, which was followed by Warning of Danger in 1985, The Curse in 1986, Nightmares in 1987, and Escape to Nowhere in 1988. Throughout the '80s, glam metal, pop-metal and hair bands were huge on the L.A./Hollywood rock scene -- the Sunset Strip was inundated with bands that hoped to be the next Quiet Riot, Poison, or L.A. Guns. But when other L.A. bands were heavily into the glam scene, Omen was a power metal band first and foremost. Check them out!!

MASTERS OF DISGUISE have risen from the ashes of the last existing SAVAGE GRACE line-up, standing for the virtues of US spee...d and power metal like back in the old days. With the aim of delivering nothing less than a worthy successor to SAVAGE GRACE's "Master Of Disguise" album from 1985, they put together ten songs with the feeling and the intensity of US metal in its prime. With a vocalist who delivers it all (Alexx Stahl), a rhythm section to break bones (Neudi & Mario Lang) and twin lead guitars with that certain "savoir faire" (Kalli Coldsmith & Roger Dequis), MASTERS OF DISGUISE are ready to hit the stages with their debut album "BACK WITH A VENGEANCE" in fall 2013.
Watch out, because Knutson has returned... HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

FIREFORCE (Belgium):
FIREFORCE started their Battle for Freedom at the end of the year 2008.
Very quickly, the band became well-known for their excellent live gigs, and their 2009 EP “Moonlight Lady” succeeded in attracting the attention of the recording industry. As a result, 2010 was a very creative year for the band. Their debut album “March On”, which was released the end of March 2011 throughout Europe, propelled the band out of the underground Metal scene from which it emerged, and into the hearts of the larger public, i.e. Metal fans everywhere.The vocals truly deserve to be described as authentically Metal and never falter once throughout the album.
The bands debut album “March On“ is pure Heavy Metal adrenaline. It’s an album that is being driven forward relentlessly by its riveting riffs and thundering drums and rhythms that grab you by the throat. The recordings of the new album "Deathbringer", were started in march 2013, again under supervision of R.D.Liapakis and engineer Christian Schmid in the Music Factory Prophecy studio’s in Germany. The album was released on 20 June 2014! So some new songs will most likely attract you as well!!! Check out this Belgium Power Metal Masters!!!

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Friday 13 March 2015
Doors: 19:00
Entrance; € 12,50

TICKETSALE: ... sguise-d-f
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