anyone going to the DOOM SHALL RISE FEST?

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Beitragvon ESTRANGED » 15. MĂ€rz 2004, 20:28

erm basicly this is my second post... the first one was in german but oh god your grammar is a pain in the neck for me .... anyway.,.gonna try in the future! :D

actually dunno if u know about this fest , but its like in goeppingen (baden-Wourttemberg)

im gonna fly from england to germany to see that doom fest and then erm to erm wherever the keep it true fest is ... to see my favs BLITZKRIEG and cloven hoof , elixir. (F@ck im soooo happy! keep in mind though, that i ve seen blitzkrieg live 2 days ago!!! hehe ! )

can somebody hepl me with the geographical part , coz actually i just suck in geography! :( :rolleyes:

gonna fly probably from london to colon (erm koeln ) and then gotta go to stuutgart and then finally to the place where keep it true its gonna be.
does anybody knows in which area is it anyway? is it near to frankfurt ? :unsure:
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