SATAN reunion!

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Beitragvon Guest_snakeasshole » 12. August 2004, 00:51

So guys wh

Beitragvon Lynott » 12. August 2004, 11:36

Current Faves<br>1. Isole - Silent Ruins<br>2. Street Legal - Bite The Bullet<br>3. Savage Blade - We Are The Hammer<br>4. The Derek Trucks Band - Already Free<br>5. Dead Man - Euphoria<br>6. Los Lonely Boys - Forgiven <br>7. Tales Of Medusa - Rehearsal Tape 2008<br>8. Striker - Road Warrior EP<br>9. Heart Of Cygnus - Over Mountain Under Hill<br>10. Wolf - Ravenous
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Beitragvon Michael@SacredMetal » 12. August 2004, 11:45

Guest_snakeasshole hat geschrieben: So guys wh

Hey Laurent!

1) you must log in before you post - otherwise, there will be this ugly "guest" in front of your name. But you can tick the box "Automatically log in".

2) Have you died during your post? :-)

For all the words unspoken, for all the deeds undone,
for all our shattered dreams, for all the songs unsung,
for all the lines unwritten and all our broken hearts,
for all our wounds still bleeding and all our kingdoms come.
M e r c y f u l F a t e
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Beitragvon Guest_snakeasshole » 13. August 2004, 00:03

Holy shit! That technology kills me!!!!!! Hell was putting that post yesterday and it got cut..fuck that shit! Anyway what did you think of that SATAN reunion at Wacken???????? Did you see it guys? Did they destroy everything just like they did in 1983????

Beitragvon Guest_lynott » 13. August 2004, 23:39 was absolutely great !!!! the sound was good and brian was very very cool !!

trial by fire
blades of steel
no turning back
broken treaties
the ritual
pull the trigger

...dio and satan were the best this year !!!!

Beitragvon Guest_snakeasshole » 14. August 2004, 09:57

Holy shit they did "Oppression"? KILLER! Have you recorded it Lynott????? I would be more than interested then!

Beitragvon Prof » 14. August 2004, 10:31

Guest_lynott hat geschrieben: trial by fire
blades of steel
no turning back
broken treaties
the ritual
pull the trigger

Man, what a setlist, but it should have been played @ KIT II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:angry: :angry: :angry:
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