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Beitragvon Dustin » 1. Oktober 2004, 15:51

I know this band is probably not a big favoriie for most, but just curious who here might be a fan besides me....

I have finally finished collectiing all of their albums, which has taken nearly 5 years to track them all down here in the states. If you've never heard of them before, it's the band with foremer Iron Maiden guitrist, Dennis Straton, who went onto PRaying Mantis after leaving Maiden. It's not quite as agressive as maiden, but they use a LOT of the guitar melodies and harmonies like his old band... they sound kind of like Asia-meets-Iron Maiden in my opinion.

So far "To The Power of Ten" and "Predetor in Disguise" are two of my favorties.

anyone else here dig this band?


Praying Mantis - Nowhere to Hide
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Beitragvon Ernie » 1. Oktober 2004, 16:46

Yep, another huge Mantis fan here. Even bought a lot of the Japan import CDs as some of them are very hard to find here (still need "Predator...").

The debut's one of my all-time faves of the NWOBHM era. "Forever In Time"'s probably their best one after that IMO.
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Beitragvon DarkCherub » 3. Oktober 2004, 12:16

I gotta admit that I've done my very best to ignore this band over the last few years. I've been told pretty often that I should check them out and that they're an awesome band if you're into Melodic Metal etc but somehow I still managed to let them pass me by ;)

But oh well, I guess I'm just gonna buy those 2 albums you mentioned as your favorites and see what they are like. Could very well be I'm in for a surprise ;)
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