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Beitragvon Tillmann » 6. Juni 2019, 23:40

Am 13.06., dem offiziellen 42. Bandjubiläum gibt es die einmalige Chance das megadicke SAGA Buch zum 40. Jubiläum für 42€ statt 95€ zu erstehen! Glaubt mir, ein mega geiles Buch, sehr wertig aufgemacht mit tonnenweise Fotos aus 40 Jahren SAGA!


The anniversary of a band is always a special event. And we are going to celebrate this again on June 13, 2019.
On June 13, 1977, the first SAGA concert took place. Exactly 42 years ago.
And, as you know, 42 is the answer to all questions ...

I will offer the book for a one time special price on June 13, 2019.
The price of the book will be only 42,00 € on this day. (Selling price: 95,00 €)
This offer will only be valid on this one day! Only for 24 hours!
The price will only apply if an email is sent to on that particular date (June 13, 2019, time difference will be considered).
I will send you a confirmation via e-mail not later than June 15th.

Shipping and customs fees are not included.
Payment is only possible via PayPal.

So put a big mark on the calendar and do not forget to send the e-mail order on June 13!

Orders received in advance will not be considered.
I will go on vacation soon and therefore I will not be able to reply to e-mails at the moment.

Note: The books will be shipped on June 21st.

Shipping information:
Weight of the book: 4 kg
DHL package up to 5 kg

Shipping costs for one book to
Germany 8.95 €
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