Lots of CDs for half price and last items in the store.

Pure Steel, Cruz Del Sur, Metal On Metal, Metal Coven etc...

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Lots of CDs for half price and last items in the store.

Beitragvon Jowita » 7. Dezember 2014, 19:55

Like last year, we have special (pre)X-Mas treats for you, in case you're looking for a good present for your metalhead friend... or maybe yourself. But this year we slashed the prices in half! This offer is for 5 genre-specific CD bundles, and lasts for 2 weeks only - ending on December 15th.
Take a look at these genre-specific bundles in our web shop. Apart from these 5 time-limited bundles, we've got other 29 - check them out!


And a heads up about the very last items in stock:

- HERETIC "A Time of Crisis" CD - 1 CD left
- METAL LAW Night of the Wolf CD - 1 CD left
- SKELATOR "Agents of Power" Double LP - 3 vinyls left
- SKELATOR "Death to All Nations" LP - 3 vinyls left
- NOMAD SON "The Darkening" T-SHIRT - 2 T-shirts left (L size)
- NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return" CD - 4 CDs left (these last 4 CDs were retrieved from a distributor and have slight scratches - they're perfectly playable though).
We also got back from 6 copies of NOMAD SON "First Light" LP (which had been sold out from our end since a longer time) and re-added them to the shop. Unfortunately they're not in mint condition - they have covers with slight wear marks.

We've also added some T-shirts - of METAL LAW and OUTRAGE recently (limited quantities available):


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