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BeitragVerfasst: 20. April 2015, 11:39
von Stormspell_Records
Even though I'm trying to keep a scaled-down schedule, I've stumbled upon two releases I simply could not pass by:

First one is CLAYMOREAN (previously known as CLAYMORE) has recorded their 3-rd album "Unbroken", a huge step forward to their already awesome previous efforts. Fist-pumping, neck-breaking epic female-fronted power metal for fans of Battle Beast, Crystal Viper, Powerwolf, Manilla Road, just to name a few.

The other one is SPELLCASTER's self-titled sophomore album. It was self-released last year in a rather budget packaging, now will get a proper Stormspell treatment. Dark, mystically-driven heavy/power metal of the highest caliber!

Both titles expected to be released end of May/early June on Stormspell Records