ARKHAM WITCH "Get Thothed" EPs series

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ARKHAM WITCH "Get Thothed" EPs series

Beitragvon Jowita » 20. Mai 2015, 20:40

Together with the regular full-length CD releases (of STONEGRIFF, DARK QUARTERER and RISEN PROPHECY) and our annual compilation, we released a special one: an EP of ARKHAM WITCH "Get Thothed Vol. I". Like the title indicates, it's the first one in a series - there will be two more "Get Thothed" EPs. As probably all fans of this British heavy/doom metal act know, Simon (vocalist and songwriter, and occasionally bass player) and Emily (drummer) had another band prior to it, THE LAMP OF THOTH, which, while very similar, was more on the doomy side. Well, according to Simon, TLOT has not come back to life, so the decision has been made to release these EPs under the Witch name. This first part consists of 5 TLOT classics, slightly re-arranged and recorded anew. It comes in cardboard sleeves with insert and with a SLIPCASE to house this and the future 2 EPs, which will feature some previously unreleased songs (planned for November 2015 and April 2016 respectively), as well as the booklet with all lyrics (to be out with "Get Thothed Vol. III"), and perhaps another little extra.

Here's a short promo clip for "Get Thothed Vol. I" EP (featuring a fragment of "Sing as You Slay" song):

One full song, "Wings of Doom", can be streamed from our YouTube channel or Bandcamp.

Cover art, a collage made from Victorian engravings, by Ian Goulden.

You can find more info about "Get Thothed Vol. I" on the page of this release. Here's what the actual product looks like (please note: the photo shows also Vol. II and Vol. III, because we have already printed the sleeves for them, but the EPs aren't recorded yet!):

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