MORTALICUM "Eyes of the Demon" album details.

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MORTALICUM "Eyes of the Demon" album details.

Beitragvon Jowita » 28. November 2015, 20:34

Our release schedule had to be altered, not for the first time (and it's usually the autumn release date that is plagued with bad luck), but this time it was almost too much and we were close to pushing back the date to 2016. First, BLOOD ATONEMENT communicated they're going on hiatus, but that was still in June, and we had 2 more new full-length releases, 1 reissue and 1 EP planned for November... However, at the end of August, METAL LAW let us know that they still needed more time to finish the recording of their album. And then ARKHAM WITCH said there was no chance to have the "Get Thothed Vol. II" EP ready in time. So we were left with only one potential new release - their new full-length...

Luckily, there's one band which you can always count on, also when it comes to quality... We knew MORTALICUM were recording their new album "Eyes of the Demon", originally planned for a 2016 release, so we asked if they'd manage to finish it by the deadline. They did, so it was out earlier, on November 20th at the Hammer of Doom festival (where we'll have a table for selling). These Swedish doom rockers have been showing the quality of their blend of doom, heavy metal and hard rock since album one, and their 4th is yet another proof of their consistency. This is not another "retro" band of re-enactors trying to give an impression they're some lost band from the '70s (and supporting it with fitting music and sound of course). For these guys it's not the image but only the music that matters, and when you hear it, it's very clear it's coming straight from their hearts (and not because they hope to get famous jumping on the bandwagon of the current retro trend). They definitely have a knack for memorable melodies, groovy riffs and damn fine guitar solos, and they perform with natural ease and finesse. As always with MORTALICUM, the production is one of the brightest points - nice organic sound that is like a balm for the ears of those who are fed up with modern plastic production. They give a nod musically toward BLACK SABBATH, GRAND MAGUS, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, RAINBOW, TROUBLE, DEEP PURPLE, THIN LIZZY, CANDLEMASS or SAMSON, but at the same time they have the ability to put their own identity to their songs.

Here's a short promo clip for the album (featuring a fragment of the "Iron Star" song):

You can listen to three full songs, "Eyes of the Demon", "Room of No Light" and "Onward in Time", from the page of the release or directly from Bandcamp (where the album is available for digital purchase).

"Eyes of the Demon" is available from our SHOP also in a convenient 3-CD bundle with the band's 2 previous albums ("The Endtime Prophecy" and "Tears from the Grave") and 2-CD bundle (you can add either their 2nd or 3rd album to the new one). If you're not interested in the previous MORTALICUM albums, and go for just the new one, you can also add a CD of SESTA MARCONI "Where the Devil Dances" (doom'n'roll band from Italy, that unfortunately went on hiatus soon after this CD was released) for 3,00 Euro only.

Cover art by Francesco Scaramuzza (1803-1886).
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Re: MORTALICUM "Eyes of the Demon" album details.

Beitragvon Raf Blutaxt » 29. November 2015, 12:40

I really like the new album. For me it sits right in the middle between the last two albums and since I like "The Endtime Prophecy" way more than "Tears From The Grave" I like the return of the really big melodies, while the rougher sound from the last album works way better for me on this one.
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