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BROKEN TEETH - 'BULLDOZER EP - 2015' - 12" colored vinyl

TMU RECORDS proudly presents another hard rocking Texas gem on colored 12" vinyl. Fronted by legendary Texas metal vocalist Jason McMaster (WatchTower / Dangerous Toys), Broken Teeth plays hard rock music with balls and a bad-ass Texas attitude. BULLDOZER is the straight up heavy metal hard rock you would expect from Broken Teeth: loud, fast, and smashed in your face with a bottle of Lone Star beer.

Standard Edition: 12" translucent SEA BLUE vinyl plus heavy lyric sheet insert.

TMU Exclusive Edition: 12" tri-color SPLATTER vinyl plus heavy lyric sheet insert. Limited 100.

Band Exclusive Edition: 12" translucent SWAMP GREEN vinyl plus heavy lyric sheet insert. Limited 100. TMU RECORDS only has 10 copies in green vinyl. Act fast!

"BULLDOZER opens with ‘Raining Fire’ — a jolt of ZZ Nugent hyper-boogie that crushes with thud-heavy chord changes. ‘Red River Rising’ pays tribute to Austin’s bygone dive district where front-row headbangers fell under the spell at the edge of Broken Teeth’s stage. The third track, ‘The Rough And The Tumble’, sounds like Rose Tattoo over echoes of Saxon (‘Power & The Glory’) and Dio (‘I Speed At Night’). The common denominator among the three? Instant Teeth classics, one and all, and 100-proof positive there’s still plenty of fuel in the tank. As for the rest, ‘Flamethrower’ spins a Riot-style guitar hook into chugging, white-knuckled speed-metal as McMaster’s rapid-fire, Halford-esque delivery races toward the checkered flag. A cautionary tale, ‘Devil On The Road’ tells the stomping tale of a 'big, bad wolf' pushing his wares on the weak. The EP is rounded out by two crushing covers: the appropriately timed ‘The Hammer’ from Motorhead and a killer rendition of Aerosmith’s ‘Lightning Strikes’."

Standard Edition - $11
TMU Edition - $13
Band Exclusive Edition (only 10 copies left!) - $11

Wholesale pricing available for orders of 10 or more.

Song samples / purchasing info available here:

Send any questions or wholesale inquiries to: tmurecords(at)texasmetalunderground(dot)com

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