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Beitragvon CruzDelSurMusic » 7. April 2008, 16:06

.. I met at KIT and was so friendly: I had (despite the tiredness) a great weekend!

In particular I am very happy to have known the infernal due Michael and Oliver, not mentioning Helmut.
I also was introduced to other members of this board on Friday but I was so tired that I don't recall their names now, but guys, it was great to have met you there!

I would also like to thank you the whole organization of the festival, from Oliver and Tarek to all the security and merchandise guys, all exceptional people and easy to deal with.

On the show of our bands - I missed Battleroar sadly on Friday, since we arrived at the venue only around 18,30... I think CRESCENT SHIELD did a wonderful show and I really read the joy in their eyes for being there and play in front of such a dedicated crowd.
The band was just amazed of how many vinyls and merch stuff they had to sign, you know that means a lot for a musician, and I guess Mel was also pleased by so many gentlemen's attentions :lol:

In my opinion PHARAOH did more than a decent show considering it was their first time EVER live! Tim just got out of a really hard cold and his voice wasn't at its best (so he snored the whole two nights we spent in Dittingheim, sleeping peacefully while Scott and I couldn't close our eyes :angry: ), and he missed some lyrics here and there, but it really wasn't easy for them for many reaosns, but I guess most of the people enjoyed their show. Seeing them live has been something special for me, it got me back to the moment I received a CD with only a studio track ... "Solar Flight" ... I guess it was 1999 or 2000... From that song to the KIT show, we have grown together...

I almost missed ALL the other bands, having to be here and there, I sadly missed DOOMSWORD which sounded great the few songs I had a chance to listen as well as HEATHEN (not my style, but their show was awesome), and I'd also mention HELSTAR among my fave acts. CAGE was also impressing...

It has been a great weekend, thanks to everyone of you!
cruz53/cruz510 PHARAOH Bury the LIght CD/LP 24/02/2012
cruz54 BIBLE OF THE DEVIL "For the Love of Thugs and Fools" CD 8/5/2012
cruz55 PAGAN ALTAR "The Time Lord" CD 13/7/2012
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Beitragvon Michael@SacredMetal » 7. April 2008, 16:27

Hi Enrico!

For me, it was also a pleasure to finally meet you in person.
I only saw you happy that weekend - well, you had a lot of reasons to feel like that...

For all the words unspoken, for all the deeds undone,
for all our shattered dreams, for all the songs unsung,
for all the lines unwritten and all our broken hearts,
for all our wounds still bleeding and all our kingdoms come.
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Beitragvon Prof » 7. April 2008, 17:41

Ciao Enrico del Sur,
Well, like KIT-Oliver said before the festival: This will be YOUR KIT. And damn sure it was (next to the Tyrant's of course). Great to meet you after a couple of e-mail only years.

The difficulties with Pharaoh before this first ever show were not clear to everyone (although Tim summarized the situation during the gig). Despite that, it was great to see the two guitarists doing those amazing double leads. Hats off to the drummer for kicking ass despite the short preparation time. And, oh yeah, that The Police shirt was funny too. ;)

Battleroar were one of the best KIT-openers ever - the album is a smasher and you could cut the 'buzz' with a knife. It was cool to see them show up at the autograph session - which turned out to be the only one during the weekend. :D

The KIT Award 2008 for Most Smiling Band on Stage went hands down to Crescent Shield - never seen four people so happy to be there and get those amps fired up! For me, hearing 'Rise of the red crescent moon', 'The last of my kind' and 'The path once chosen' live were worth the ticket price and the trip alone. If the five demo songs are anything to go by (and they are), the second album will be a classic. Hopefully this will not have been the last time we've seen Crescent Shield over here in Europe. Plus the guys and girl couldn't be more sympathetic. Terrific band.

As for Cruz del Sur: you just continue putting out great albums, I'll continue buying them.
All the best,

(the other one)
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Beitragvon Loomis » 7. April 2008, 23:32

Ciao Enrico!

Sadly I didn't meet you, but I would like to thank you, that you helped making it possible to see the Cruz Del Sur bands live at KIT.

Crescent Shield was fantastic and I still enjoyed the Pharaoh gig, despite the already mentioned points. Just at the moment I'm listening to "Be Gone". It's great, also are the other releases I got from you last week.

Up the Hammers, keep going!

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