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Beitragvon ISEN TORR » 22. Mai 2008, 11:27

News May 2008

Firstly, thankyou to everyone who again made the last release a success, the PAGAN ALTAR "Mythical & magical" Double LP, it is now sold out from me and should you require a copy you need to try one of the numerous mailorders who took copies such as BLACK TEARS (UK), NORTHERN SILENCE (Germany), HIGH ROLLER (Germany), KOZMIK ATIFAKTZ (Germany), METALEROS (Germany), HELLRIDE MUSIC (USA), SHADOW KINGDOM (USA), NAT RECORDS (Japan), BOY RECORDS (Japan) ? wholesale enquiries can be directed at CYCLONE EMPIRE in Germany, though I cannot promise that they have copies left?..
Of course, my sincerest thanks again to Al & Terry Jones as ever.


THE LAMP OF THOTH ? "Portents, Omens & Doom" CD / LP
The recording is now finished for this modern masterpiece of occult HM madness ? with only the final mixing to go, taking their cue once again from such greats as HELL, CIRITH UNGOL and PENTAGRAM, The Lamp are the band that will finally bridge the gap between classic true metal and the Doom cults, sticking two fingers up at all the hippies and weepy Goths on their way to the black mass. Madder than a box of frogs frontman, The Overtly Melancholic Lord Strange is busier than ever with his plan of domination across all known dimensions, and all sub atomic levels. The album has 10 freshly recorded tracks, again recorded at the world famous Rosenquarz Studios under the watchful one good eye of Andreas "Blind Pugh" Libera and Michael "Citreon" Hahn ? We Love the Lamp!! Check out the advance rough mix track at <a href='http://www.myspace.com/isentorr' target='_blank'>http://www.myspace.com/isentorr</a>

THE RIVER ? "In Situ" CD
Finally The River have recorded what they have been threatening to do, an album that will no doubt polarise opinion but for every fan of ultra heavy true doom tuned so low that the bass frequencies cause your skeletal frame to begin to disintegrate, wait no more. Truly a masterpiece in every respect, beautiful, heart wrenching and as far away removed from all the pretentious pseudo 70's bullshit with female vocals in flares and hammond organs as we could wish for. This is the sound of tectonic plates drifting over millions of years and the death song of dying stars over the howling of solar winds. The recordings were yet again made at Rosenquarz with the Libera/Hahn team "Working" harder than ever ? check out the rough mix of one track at <a href='http://www.myspace.com/isentorr' target='_blank'>http://www.myspace.com/isentorr</a>

Also in the works

DREAM DEATH ? "Back From The Dead" Double LP
COLD MOURNING ? Demo's Double LP
ORODRUIN ? "In Doom" 10" EP
ARGUS ? "Sleeping Dogs" 10" EP
SCARAB ? "Poltergeist II" 10" EP
THE LAMP OF THOTH ? "Sing As You Slay" 10" EP
SCARAB ? TBA Announced Full CD
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Beitragvon Michael@SacredMetal » 22. Mai 2008, 12:01

Can't wait for the LAMP OF THOTH!!
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for all our shattered dreams, for all the songs unsung,
for all the lines unwritten and all our broken hearts,
for all our wounds still bleeding and all our kingdoms come.
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Beitragvon Goatstorm » 22. Mai 2008, 12:20

Can't wait for both.
THE RIVER are totally underestimated in my opinion. They definitely deserve more attention.
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Beitragvon Irish Coffee » 22. Mai 2008, 13:23

Both records are already busted...so to speak...I love TLOT to death, the band anthem alone is a masterpiece. Great charismatic stuff. This makes me think of getting a metal band again for myself...I'll get me the vinyl from Andrea
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Beitragvon Holy Mighty Stormwitch » 22. Mai 2008, 13:28

Great news!
Na vrh brda vrba mrda
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