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SLOUGH FEG "The Animal Spirits"

Beitragvon CruzDelSurMusic » 8. Oktober 2010, 17:16

"The Animal Spirits" arrives 14 months after "Ape Uprising" but it's definitely a different album... I'd say much more adult in many ways (except porn maybe!); in my opinion it has the best guitar-work ever heard on a SLOUGH FEG album and Harry the new drummer really adds a lot to the whole.
There's a great cover of ALAN PARSON'S PROJECT's "The Tell-Tale Heart",( obviously played in a SLOUGH FEG way...
Bob Wright (Brocas) sings on the last song, "Tactical Air-War" making someone's dream true!

I have just posted 2 new songs on our myspace profile, different than the 2 that were previously made public and pre-orders are open on the webstore!

cruz53/cruz510 PHARAOH Bury the LIght CD/LP 24/02/2012
cruz54 BIBLE OF THE DEVIL "For the Love of Thugs and Fools" CD 8/5/2012
cruz55 PAGAN ALTAR "The Time Lord" CD 13/7/2012
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Re: SLOUGH FEG "The Animal Spirits"

Beitragvon holydio1 » 16. Oktober 2010, 11:08

(another) great album with tons of Lizzy-parts from an outstanding as well as innovative band
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Re: SLOUGH FEG "The Animal Spirits"

Beitragvon Hugin » 2. November 2010, 02:13

"The Animal Spirits" has been our "Album of the Month" at
It's a really amazing album!
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