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Re: Dying Victims Prod-Nocturnal, Knife, Megaton Sword, Bunk

Beitragvon flo/thrash attack zine » 5. September 2022, 18:08

Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce the following new Pre-orders:



DVP 236 Risingfall – Rise or Fall LP/CD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Japan’s RISINGFALL, Rise or Fall, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Based in Tokyo, Japan’s RISINGFALL formed in 2014. From the beginning, the band’s foundation has been power-leaning heavy metal with an emphasis on vocal melodies. Stirred into their magickal cauldron are strong doses of NWOBHM, hard rock, and US power metal from the olden days.

RISINGFALL made their recorded debut in 2017 with the Prologue demo. That same year, the Tokyo Metal Fire live EP and “Far Britannia” were both released on Bandcamp. In 2018 came the Cry for the Steel EP, and a year the Arise from the Ashes (蘇る灰) EP. In 2020, at last would all these short-lengths be compiled onto CD format. And while a number of lineup changes occurred, but by 2019 did RISINGFALL finalize the lineup of founding guitarists Yoshiki and Kono, bassist Gyokusai Ishii, drummer Yuki, and erstwhile Military Shadow vocalist George Itoh. While performing live, work begins on the first RISINGFALL album.

At last, it is here, bearing the title Rise or Fall, but it comes not without tragedy: while recording was completed in spring 2021, Yoshiki was hospitalized after suffering from a chronic illness; later, in February 2022, he passes away. Thus, Rise or Fall is a tribute to this fiery six-stringer, and what a monument he leaves behind. Bristling with an energy that draws together the various likes of Saxon, Rainbow, Savage Grace, and especially Vicious Rumors and Michael Jackson-era Satan, RISINGFALL exude high drama and dazzling dynamics steeped in the rich tradition of hard rock and early heavy metal of the ‘70s bursting into the next decade with boundless possibilities. The scythe-sharp production makes Rise or Fall feel tastefully modern, but the band’s highly refined set of influences all gel together into something timeless. Plus, the variety of songcraft across these eight tracks makes each one a stunner on its own while rendering Rise or Fall an album-length experience: each one is undeniably RISINGFALL, but they truly can do it all.

Due to the wishes of Yoshiki and his family, RISINGFALL will continue to perform, and Oyatata from the thrash band Mud Tiger has joined as second guitarist. Rest in power, Yoshiki: Rise or Fall will echo your metalized memory for time eternal!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on aqua blue vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
– CD edition with sticker.

Out 18th November


DVP 237 Witchunter – Metal Dream LP/CD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly anticipated third album of Italy’s WITCHUNTER, Metal Dream, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Founded in 2007, Italy’s WITCHUNTER began as the manifestation of true heavy metal obsession. Foremost among those metallic obsessions were the NWOBHM, ‘80s European heavy metal and speed metal, and especially ‘70s hard rock sounds and attitude. It all coalesced together into a paradoxically refreshing time-warp where traditional metal in the vein of Angel Witch, Jaguar, Tygers of Pan Tang, and Saxon get the subtlest of twists, not to mention some evil mixing in a manner most Mercyful Fate and Black Sabbath. A true purist’s band, then, but not one that’s just lazy pastiche: WITCHUNTER are the real deal, from the beginning to now!

And now, since long years after their last LP, WITCHUNTER return hungrier than ever! Metal Dream is the name of that long-awaited comeback, and a more simple-yet-sublime title you will not find. Gleaming with a chrome-encased production that’s pure ‘80s valor, WITCHUNTER’s latest spans all the band’s previous styles – dramatic speed metal overdrive, leather-and-chains strut, balls-to-the-wall headbangers – but the pure passion and charisma in which they deliver these nine primary tracks, the seamless expression of HEAVY METAL in ALL its glories, makes Metal Dream astounding to behold. Hooks, solos, aggression, dynamics, high notes, manliness, variety, everything heading out to the highway, and even some tasteful nods to Tony Martin-era Sabbath: it’s a veritable jukebox of ’82-’87, if we’re being specific, although it’s all palatably modern just the same. WITCHUNTER truly LIVE this, and it comes through loud ‘n’ proud in their songwriting.

If your metal heart beats purer than steel, awaken to WITCHUNTER’s Metal Dream!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on highlighter yellow vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
– CD edition with sticker.

Out 18th November


DVP 238 Dying Victims Vol. 1 – Power Thrashing Death CD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the first installation of its new compilation series, on CD format.

Aptly titled “Power Thrashing Death”, this CD contains (sold out) demos/eps by 5 of the most ravaging Speed/Thrash/Death metal acts on the label. All of these have so far been available only on cassette tape and are now unleashed onto a broader mass. Featured bands are Austria’s Death Racer with their first demo “Qualifying” (Black/Speed), Chile’s Hellpossession with their latest demo “Phantom Aggressor” (Black/Thrash/Speed), USA’s Reaver with their debut demo “Butchery from Beyond!” (Death), France’s Savagery with their first ep “Off the Ruins…” (Speed/Thrash) as well as Germany’s Terok Nor with their debut ep “Rematerialization Fails” (Death/Thrash).
A total of 19 tracks – almost 70 minutes of Power Thrashing Death!

– CD edition with sticker.

Out 18th November


DVP 240 Deathstorm – Swarming MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a new three-track demo by Deathstorm, on music cassette format.

Two years after their punishing fourth album “For Dread Shall Reign”, the Austrian three-piece is back with “Swarming”, a new demo. After 15 years of high-quality thrashing in an ever-steady line-up (the band underwent a name change from “Damage” to “Deathstorm” though), the band knows exactly what they are capable of and what kind of sound their creations need. These two originals plus an additional (highly unusual) cover track are the result of their self-recording aspirations – and the sound turned out perfect for this uncompromising death thrash massacre!

– MC edition with sticker, button, download code.

Out 18th November


DVP 127 The Night Eternal – s/t MLP

– Full pressing on black vinyl, with insert, poster and sticker.

Out 18th November
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Re: Dying Victims Prod-Risingfall, Witchunter, Deathstorm, .

Beitragvon Pavlos » 5. September 2022, 20:00

Die beiden bisherigen Vorabtracks der neuen Witch Blade Scheibe klingen ja mal GEIL!!

(Wer auf Jonah Quizz und/oder Onyx steht, muss hier zugreifen)

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Re: Dying Victims Prod-Risingfall, Witchunter, Deathstorm, .

Beitragvon flo/thrash attack zine » 12. September 2022, 18:00

Danke Pavlos!


Many new LPs, CDs and tapes added to the webshop!

Agressor – Llamas de Muerte – The Complete Ultra Sessions 1986-1987
Apostasy – Death Return
ASHBURY – Endless Skies
Atlantean Kodex – The White Goddess
Bastardizer – Dawn of Domination
Blackslash – No Steel No Future
CALIBOS – Calibos
CAULDRON BORN – Sword And Sorcery Heavy Metal
CAULDRON BORN – Legacy Of Atlantean Kings
CAULDRON BORN – Born Of The Cauldron
CHILD SAINT – Anthology
CLAYMOREAN – Eulogy Of The Gods
CREATURES – Creatures
CUTTY SARK – Die Tonight
DEAF DEALER – Journey Into Fear
Death Militia – Onslaught of death: Demo & Live 1985
Death Strike – Fuckin’ Death
DELIRIUM TREMENS – Thrashing Warthogs
DESASTER – Stormbringer
DESASTER – A Touch Of Medieval Darkness
DESASTER – Hellfire´s Dominion
The Devil’s Blood – Come, Reap
The Devil’s Blood – The Time Of No Time Evermore
DIABOLIC NIGHT – Beyond the Realm
Erazor – Dust Monuments
Expulsion – Certain corpses never decay
EXUMER – Rising from the Sea
FORCE – Force
GRIFFIN – Flight Of The Griffin
Hell Bound – Norwegian Forest
Hell Bound – Demo 1986
HELLISH CROSSFIRE – Bloodrust Scythe
HITTEN – Triumph & Tragedy
Idle ruin – s/t
INSANE – Wait and Pray
IRON GRIFFIN – Storm Of Magic
KRABATHOR – Demonizer: Mortal Memories II.
Kublai Khan – Annihilation
LEGENDRY – Heavy Metal Adventure
LIONS PRIDE – Breaking Out
LIVING DEATH – Metal Revolution
LOUD NIGHT – Mindnumbing pleasure
Lucifuge – The One Great Curse
Lucifuge – Der Antichrist
LUZIFER – Iron Shackles
MANILLA ROAD – Crystal Logic
MANILLA ROAD – Open the Gates
MEKONG DELTA – Visions Fugitives
MORBID JESTER – Until The Battle Is Won
Morbid Scream – Bloodstains: the Morbid Scream demos
Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death
Nekromantheon – We’re Rotting
Obliteration – Ingesting Death
Oblivion – Intention to Kill: demos and rarities 1985
OUTRAGE – From nightmares and myths…
PASTOR – Evoke
QUARTZ – Satan’s Serenade
Quintessenz – To the Gallows
RAZOR – Shotgun Justice
Sacrilegio – Podredumbre 1986-1988
SAVAGE – Loose ‘n Lethal
SCAVENGER – Battlefields
Slaegt – The Wheel
Slaegt – Domus Mysterium
SLAUGHTER – Strappado
SLAUGHTER MESSIAH – Putrid Decade of Morbid Terror
STALLION – Rise and Ride
STALLION – Slaves of Time
STORMWITCH – Stronger than Heaven
STORMWITCH – Tales of Terror
STORMWITCH – Walpurgis Night
TALIÖN – Killing The World
TARANTULA – Mobilis in mobili
TRÖJAN – Chasing The Storm
Tyrann – Djävulens Musik
UNGOD – Cloaked in Eternal Darkness
Urfaust – Der Freiwillige Bettler
Urfaust – IX: Einsiedler
V.A.R. – Personal Destruction
VICE – Vice
VIOLENT FORCE – Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow
Vulcain – Rock ‘N’ Roll Secours
Warhammer – The Winter Of Our Discontent
Warlust – Morbid Execution
WESTFALEN – Westfalen
Whipstriker – Troopers of Mayhem
Witchburner – Demons
Wound – Serpent Crown

BUNKER 66 / VUIL – Split
PASTOR – Wayfaring Stranger / The Oath
SUPERSONIC BLUES – Supersonic Blues Theme / Curses On My Soul

ACID – s/t
ACID – Maniac
ACID – Engine Beast
AMBUSH – Desecrator
AMBUSH – Firestorm
AMBUSH – Infidel
ANCESTRAL – The Unforgotten Years 1993-1994
Animalize – Tapes from the Crypt
Arkaina – Symposium Of A Troubled Mind & Beyond
Attic – Sanctimonious
Barbatos – Live! Eat Shit Vomit in Finland
Bastardizer – Enforcers of Evil
BLOOD FEAST – Kill for Pleasure / Face Fate
Bonehunter – Turn Up the Evil
Bonfire – Goat Woman
CLOVEN HOOF – Dominator
COFFIN MULCH – Septic Funeral
Dagger – Deep Cuts
Damien Steel – Damien Steel
DESASTER – Hellfire´s Dominion
Desire – Cry At The Sky
Desire – Screamer On The Rocks (The Lost Album)
Destroyer – Optimum D.S.I
DESTRUCTOR – Maximum Destruction
ECTOPLASMA – Inferna Kabbalah
GLACIER – Glacier 2021
HEAVYDEATH – Dark Phoenix Rising
IGNIVOMOUS – Hieroglossia
INTOLERANCE – Dark Paths of Humanity
Kradle – Unleashed
Kradle – Standing on the Edge
Lady Killer – Lady Killer
LUZIFER – Black Knight / Rise
Maddax – Deadly Game
MALTEZE – Count Your Blessings
Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Ninja
Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death
Nekromantheon – We’re Rotting
Nineteen – Steel Trax
Nineteen – Missing In Action
Obliteration – Ingesting Death
Overlorde S.R. – Medieval Metal Too
PARANOID – Heavy Mental Fuck-Up / Out Raising Hell
Prowler – Prowler
PUTREFIANCE – Resurrected Malevolence
Rabies – Barbaric Cleansing
Sabre – On the Prowl
SACRED CRUCIFIX – Realms of the North Vol. 1 (1987-1989)
SACRIFICE – Soldiers of Misfortune
Salem – City Lights
Seizure – Convulsive Perseverance
Sinistar – Killers on The Run
Slaughtered Priest – Iron Chains and Metal Blade
Terror Cross – Evil Metal Demon of Satan
TONY TEARS – Strane Sensazione
Transilvania- The Night of Nights
V.A.R. – Dependence
VUIL – Hell
Warlust – Morbid Execution
WITCHFYNDE – Give ’em Hell
Zex – Execute

ANCIENT CRYPTS – Inhaling the Fumes of a Burning Carcass
Aquilla – Mankind’s Odyssey
Boundless Chaos – Of Death and Perdition
Convent Guilt – Convent Guilt
DEATH YELL – Vengeance from Darkness
Idle ruin – s/t
LUZIFER – Iron Shackles
PROTECTOR – Excessive Outburst of Depravity
PUTRID EVOCATION – Eternal Gloom: A Void of Agony and Repugnancy
SUFFERING SIGHTS – When Sanity Becomes Insanity
SUPPRESSION – The Sorrow of Soul Through Flesh
TANK – Power of the Hunter
TANK – Don’t Walk Away

Deadhead #4
Mexican Underground
Witchcraft #8
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Re: Dying Victims Productions- DISTRO UPDATE - Risingfall, .

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Loads of killer new merchandise items available for pre-order!
Out 28th October.

Eisenhand – Band T-Shirt & Metal Pin
Heavy Sentence – Logo Metal Pin
Karloff – The Sound of Discipline T-Shirt
Luzifer – Logo Metal Pin & Iron Shackles Patch, Longsleeve, T-Shirt
Reaper – Viridian Inferno Longsleeve
Venator - Echoes from the Gutter Ringer Shirt
Vulture – Logo Metal Pin
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