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Re: Dying Victims Productions- Distro Update + Knife, Hexenb

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von flo/thrash attack zine
Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce the following new Pre-orders:



DVP 202 Tension – Decay LP/CD/MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Germany’s TENSION, Decay, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Hailing from Leipzig, Germany’s TENSION was founded in 2015 by vocalist Maik H. and guitarist Phil. M. during a night of dozens of heavy metal records and unlimited amounts of beer. The band was then rounded out by ex-members of Toxic Beast and Germany’s Prowler.

From the beginning, TENSION’s influences were firm: the First Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal (or FWOSWHM), including the likes of Gotham City, Heavy Load, Jackwave, Parasite, Jonah Quizz, Depzon, and Stitch among others; the always-eternal NWOBHM, but particularly Satan, Traitors Gate, Wolf, Ritual, and Lime Light; heavy metal from the Eastern Bloc like Aria, Ossian, Formel I, Omen, and Pokolgép; and different kinds of punk music, but most prominently The Misfits and Discharge. In other words, the PERFECT type of band for DYING VICTIMS – and not surprisingly, TENSION released their self-titled debut EP through the label in 2017. Gigs followed with the esteemed likes of Manilla Road, Satan, Pagan Altar, Tokyo Blade, and Alien Force among others.

Now, nearly five years since the Tension short-length, TENSION unleash their debut album, Decay. Right from its very first seconds, Decay sparkles with an excitement that’s absolutely addicting and endearingly timeless, running through a virtual jukebox of Old but brimming with the effervescence of Now. It’s pure heavy metal, through and through, with juiced-up hard rock and moody punk subtly integrated, and the power is always in abundance but never overbearing; TENSION’s cool & cruising momentum harkens to a lost era of feel over sheer speed. At the fore are nightsky-ascending lead guitars, whose narrative melodies straddle a fine line between metal classicism and something closer to dark hard rock. And Maik’s clear ‘n’ emotive vocals bespeak bathos and pathos, bravado but tenderness, epic adventures as well as long nights at the bar.

The cassette and CD versions of Decay will include nine tracks, with the self-titled EP added to the latter as bonus tracks. The vinyl version of the album will include eight tracks due to length, with the extra track saved for a split EP to be released later in 2022. In the meantime, no better time to experience the “Higher Power” of TENSION’s Decay!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on white/black splatter vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
– CD edition with sticker.
– MC with sticker, button and download code.

Out 28th January.


DVP 203 Tangent – Tangent MLP/MCD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the striking debut mini-album of Australia’s TANGENT, self-titled Tangent, on CD and 12” vinyl formats.

Three wild dogs! Four wild tracks!! Locked down, loaded up, and ready to explode on DYING VICTIMS: this is the self-titled first recording from Melbourne’s TANGENT, heavy metal from the suburbs north of the river. Despite their newness of existence, their sound is most definitely OLD, which should come as no surprise given the power-trio’s membership includes current and former members of Demons Gate, Outcast, Convent Guilt, and Shackles among others.

Simple but not simplistic, resilient to time and trends and rippling with feeling and energy at every turn, Tangent is a rough ‘n’ rowdy trawl through rundown bars and desolate backstreets, but with the world weighing heavy on the mind of the protagonist. As such, heroic hot-rockin’ underpins TANGENT’s thrust, giving each of these four anthems-in-the-making an astute balance between the pensive and the powerful. It’s all fondly familiar, but hazily recast in a refreshing manner, like a lost Heavy Pettin’ recording found in the Eastern Bloc during the ‘80s or if Saxon had shared a practice space with Omen in some alternate time/space fold. Or, simply, the first makings of something special and EPIC.

With mastering by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony giving it an exceptionally olde-worlde feel, theTangent mini album is ready to explode!

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on white/yellow swirl vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
– MCD edition with sticker.

Out 28th January


DVP 204 Vicious Knights – Alteration Through Possession LP/CD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present VICIOUS KNIGHTS’ striking debut album, Alteration Through Possession, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

VICIOUS KNIGHTS is an old-school death/thrash metal band, screaming from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band was formed in 2016 by Antonis “Harvester” (guitars/vocals) and Liakos (drums). Panos (bass guitar) entered the band a few months later. This three-piece of total maniacs self-released their first EP Malevolent Spirits on CD in 2018 and then reissued it in 2020 through the World War Now label. The band had many gigs in Greece presenting their first release and some of their newer material, making a great impact on the underground scene.

Now, armed with the support of DYING VICTIMS, VICIOUS KNIGHTS return to destroy the world with their first full-length, Alteration Through Possession! Curiously yet tellingly titled, Alteration Through Possession indeed transforms the listener…once that listener is ensnared in the power-trio’s iron grip! Like a trip back to 1987, VICIOUS KNIGHTS live up to their moniker by invoking the old spirits of early Kreator, Destruction, Possessed, and Sepultura, combining more devotedly horror-specific lyrics with absolutely ass-ripping DEATHRASH. They go beyond the gates to inflict eternal pain, their infernal overkill bestowing morbid visions upon those who still believe in razor-wire riffing, snarling-evil vokills, and straightforward drum-propulsion – and of course, actual songwriting. Simple, sure, but sublime: Alteration Through Possession is a pleasure to kill!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on deep purple vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
– CD edition with sticker.

Out 28th January.


Cherokee – Blood & Gold TShirt

Dynamic, and storytelling HARD ROCK chiseled from the stone of the ‘70s.

Gildan Heavy Cotton
10 color print

Out 19th November.


SexMag – Nałożnice Hrabiny Rubber Patch

Filthy Silesian Metal, inspired by ‘80s proto-black metal and the vilest thrash.

Oldschool eastern bloc RUBBER PATCH handcrafted in Poland

Re: Dying Victims Productions- Tension, Tangent, Vicious Kni

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von flo/thrash attack zine
Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce the following new releases:


DVP 196 Cherokee – Blood & Gold DLP/CD/MC/Shirt

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Germany’s CHEROKEE, Blood and Gold, on CD and double-LP vinyl formats.

Hailing from Cologne, CHEROKEE was founded in 2014. Several lineup changes occurred until the first lineup was complete – guitarists Simon Siantidis and Alexander Beda Maria Kleusch, bassist Fabian Albert Dey, drummer Fabian Kampa, and vocalist Katharina Heldt – which recorded two demos, Ridin’ Free (2015) and Mother Nature’s Child (2016). Following the second demo, Heldt departed the band.

In 2017, vocalist Laura Vesprini joins CHEROKEE, and together the EP Wakan Tanka NIci Un Ep was recorded at Sculpt Sound Studio by Laurent Teubl (Chapel of Disease) and released in 2018. Many gigs followed, the band truly finding their latent power onstage, and in 2019 did a successful mini-tour commence with Canadian compatriots Freeways. But, that power was only simmering…

Indeed, it explodes across CHEROKEE’s literally massive debut album, Blood and Gold. Comprising 15 songs in 75 action-packed minutes – truly, a double-album like the old days – Blood and Gold is the culmination of over a year’s work of writing, recording, mixing, and mastering. More importantly, this recorded document is the grandest statement of the CHEROKEE aesthetic: moody, dynamic, and storytelling HARD ROCK chiseled from the stone of the ‘70s. Each song here is its own experience, its own heartstrings-pulling sensation and fist-shaking anthem. Although a handful of ‘em are re-recorded/finessed versions of earlier songs, it’s a foregone conclusion that these are the definitive issue: CHEROKEE wanted something special for their debut album and simply could not decide which songs to cut, and thus did thus they settle for a 15-song double-album. For them, it is honest, handmade guitar-driven music, a perfect mix of hard rock and blues, fun and power. The soundtrack for any situation in life, be it on your way to work, the soundtrack to an antisocial drinking night, road trips to festivals in the middle of nowhere – to cure post festival depression, or to spice up your next visit to grandma’s house – Blood and Gold is the sonic travelogue to get you there and get you feeling GOOD.

If you feel good to the immortal Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Wishbone Ash, UFO, and Dire Straits or modern antecedents like the aforementioned Freeways, SANDSTORM, Haunt, MIDNIGHT PREY, and Savage Master, then CHEROKEE are guaranteed to be your new favorite band – and Blood and Gold your new favorite record(s)!

– Regular gatefold double LP edition on black vinyl, with poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special gatefold double LP edition on blood red and golden vinyl, with poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch. (slightly delayed, will start shipping next week)
– CD edition with sticker.
– MC edition with sticker, button, download code. (slightly delayed, will start shipping next week)
– TShirt.


DVP 197 Destructo – Demonic Possession LP/CD/Shirts

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present DESTRUCTO’s striking debut album, Demonic Possession, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

The sound, attitude, and execution of DESTRUCTO is similar to the band’s moniker: destructive, merciless and total fukk-off-driven! Formed in 2018 as a side-project between erstwhile Dödsrit and Nuclear Devastation bandmates Soulcrusher and Motörphallus as a tribute to bands like Sarcofago, Syphilitic Vaginas, and Japan’s Sabbat, DESTRUCTO delivered their debut demo in 2019 – 19 minutes of total & utter destruction!

In the meantime, insanity, blasphemy, narcotics, and intoxication all played their part in inspiring DESTRUCTO’s debut album, Demonic Possession. Here, the power-trio amplify those noble influences to a fever pitch while also bringing forward influences from Bathory, Hellhammer, and especially G.I.S.M. With ten songs spanning a skull-crushing 40 minutes, Demonic Possession is a wild fucking ride, even for those prepared to get on in the first place. Cacophonic screams, primitive riffs, bulldozing bass, and berserking D-beats all collide with vocals which approximate a gnarling demon on strict diet of whiskey and amphetamines, making the album best to be enjoyed with…whiskey and amphetamines! Put another way, DESTRUCTO make an even stronger case for being the bastard child of raw and chaotic first-wave black metal blended with an unhealthy dose of ‘80s speed/thrash metal mania, Motörcharged riffs & rock ‘n’ roll grooves that creates the Devil’s Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Armed with production that’s slicing and slimy in equal measure and an overwhelming sense of danger both in songwriting and especially execution, the question remains: can you handle DESTRUCTO’s Demonic Possession? ARGHHH!!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on transparent red /black marbled vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch. (slightly delayed, will start shipping next week)
– CD edition with sticker.
– Longsleeve
– T-Shirt.


DVP 198 Galaxy – On the Shore of Life LP/CD/MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present GALAXY’s highly anticipated debut album, On the Shore of Life, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

GALAXY are a heavy metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Lost From the Start, their debut EP released in late 2019 by DYING VICTIMS, was a nod to the speed and traditional heavy metal of the 1980s, replete with the furious riffs and high-octane vocals one would demand from the genre. GALAXY are now set to release their follow-up, and first full-length album, On the Shore of Life. This time around, the band has spared no effort to make the music more dynamic and adventurous: the songs exhibit a greater sense of scope and take the listener to darker and colder climes.

Songwriter Stu Callinan (who handles all guitars and bass) and vocalist / lyricist Phillip T. King are joined on the recording by legendary session drummer and special guest Simon Phillips, who over the years has stinted with the likes of Judas Priest, the Michael Schenker Group, The Who, and Jeff Beck. His special guest-performance has created a most powerful foundation for the music to layer upon, lifting GALAXY’s new material to heights previously undreamt. And that new material melds Mercyful Fate and Megadeth-style riffing with the melody and song-based focus of Thin Lizzy and ‘70s Judas Priest and the adventurousness of early Fates Warning: On the Shore of Life, indeed!

In a post-covid world where the future of live music remains unpredictable, GALAXY will be back onstage as soon as possible. In the meantime, the spirited performances on this new record do well to propagate GALAXY’s tales of joy and madness, of love and loss, of fear and courage… Join GALAXY at the next port of their journey, On the Shore of Life!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on emerald green vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
– CD edition with sticker.
– MC edition with sticker, button, download code. (slightly delayed, will start shipping next week)


DVP 199 The Night Eternal – Moonlit Cross MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present THE NIGHT ETERNAL’s highly anticipated debut album, Moonlit Cross on music cassette format.

It was but 2019 when THE NIGHT ETERNAL released their bolt-from-the-blue self-titled EP. For a first public recording, The Night Eternal was nothing short of masterful, revealing a depth and wisdom far beyond the band’s meager years. Across its three primary tracks and poignant cover of Judas Priest's “(Take These) Chains” did the German quintet concoct a supremely powerful and stirringly moody sort of heavy metal, both traditionally pure-steel in their dynamics yet also brimming with epicness and a sort of forlorn heroism. Not for nothing did it garner THE NIGHT ETERNAL a handsome amount of attention.

Now, with more eyes on them, THE NIGHT ETERNAL emerge from the shadows with their full-length debut, Moonlit Cross. Ever aptly titled, Moonlit Cross moves like a travelogue across the mysteries of the night – and of course, THE NIGHT ETERNAL’s namesake itself. Still night-prowling like that first EP, here on their first full-length salvo do the band reveal more (and more powerful, and moodier) shades of their epic sound, bridging both the epic end of traditional metal as well as the root variants which preceded it.

As the band explain, “In comparison to the self-titled EP, on Moonlit Cross we´ve included even more influence from various kinds of guitar-driven rock music, ranging from the ‘70s to the ‘80s, which shaped us as musicians. Combining it with our own sinister style of heavy metal allowed us to exactly create the music we’d been missing in today’s scene. We invite you on a journey to the lowest depths of our hearts.”

Indeed, the swagger THE NIGHT ETERNAL exhibit here owes more to early hard rock, invoking such names as Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Scorpions as well as heavier sounds reminiscent of Mercyful Fate and Black Sabbath´s Dio-era. Yet, familiar as these touchstones may sound, the darkness they so dramatically drape across their compositions puts Moonlit Cross on another realm altogether – and one, it must be said, that evades easy categorization, be it stylistically or chronologically. Simply, THE NIGHT ETERNAL are putting their proverbial hearts on their sleeves, and the music they create is an honest, authentic, and goosebump-inducing reflection of the incredibly vital blood pumping in those hearts.

Massive hooks, sweeping dynamics, high drama, and of course, the commanding vocals of frontman Ricardo, all wrapped in a rich ‘n’ robust production by Ralf Praekelt, with mastering by Chris Common at Twin Hills Recording – THE NIGHT ETERNAL have truly arrived with Moonlit Cross.

– MC with sticker, button and download code.


DVP 194 Hexenbrett- Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi MC

DYING VICTIMS is proud to present a special new EP from TTERBNEXEH, Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi, on CD, music cassette and 12” vinyl formats.

It was but May of the cursed year of 2020 when TTERBNEXEH truly came into their own with their shockingly masterful debut album, Zweite Beschwörung: Ein Kind zu töten, courtesy of DYING VICTIMS. While the enigmatic duo of Josto Feratu and Scarlettina Bolétte had definitely turned heads with Erste Beschwörung EP in 2019, their debut album’s idiosyncratic kaleidoscope of Varathron, Jean Rollin, Danzig, Goblin, and Van Halen emerged as completely unique and unlike little else around.

Predictably unpredictable, TTERBNEXEH return with a crazed ‘n’ crazy EP that’s the result of canceled concerts and tours: the four-song Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi. As suggested by its titled, the record is no “Beschwörung” but, rather, an intermezzo. Because, for the first time in the brief history of TTERBNEXEH, this EP does not feature performances by Josto Feratu or Scarlettina Bolétte. Instead, the tracks were recorded by what had been the live line-up for 2020, but of course under the watchful eyes and ears of the clandestine couple.

Suitably, Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi strays some from the TTERBNEXEH sound so far revealed whilst etching the band’s twisted identity even further. With all songs and lyrics written by the duo of Feratu and Bollétte – except for a reverential cover of the early Misfits track “Return of the Fly” – the band’s original material here displays new facets in TTERBNEXEH sound: heavier, weirder, more atmospheric and more aggressive. It’s basically more of everything and the most accurate presentation of The Sound Of the Bloody Iris to date, and bloody fucking good no matter how you cut! While TTERBNEXEH previous full-length record featured unexplainable additional sounds in the background of the tracks, the material on Intermezzo… had to be re-recorded many times as things got lost continuously. It seems as if Feratu and Bolétte are still haunted from their past… But hark! Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi is no taster/teaser of the second TTERBNEXEH full-length. Those mysteries are only known to the duo.

– MC edition with sticker, button and download code.

Re: Dying Victims Productions- Cherokee, Destructo, Galaxy,

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Many new LPs, CDs and tapes added to the webshop!

ACID – Maniac
ANACRUSIS – Manic Impressions
ANACRUSIS – Suffering Hour
ASHBURY – Endless Skies
Atlantean Kodex – The Course Of Empire
Atlantean Kodex – The White Goddess
Atlantean Kodex – The Golden Bough
Axe Crazy – Hexbreaker
BETRAYEL – Helpless Souls
BLACK CURSE – Endless Wound
BLACK SOUL HORDE – Land of Demise
BLOODLUST – Terminal Velocity
BOLT THROWER – Honour Valour Pride
BOLT THROWER – Those Once Loyal
CALIBOS – Calibos
Caronte – YONI
Caronte – Ascension
Caronte – Church Of Shamanic Goetia
Chainsaw – Filthy Blasphemy
Chapel Of Disease – The Mysterious Ways Of Repetetive Art
Chapel Of Disease – Summoning Black Gods
CIRITH UNGOL – Half Past Human
CIRITH UNGOL – King Of The Dead
CIRITH UNGOL – Paradise Lost
CONCRETE WINDS – Primitive Force
COUNT RAVEN – Storm Warning
Deafen – Leading To a Fall
Deathly Scythe – Celestial Darkness
DESASTER – Churches Without Saints
DESTRUCTION – Sentence of Death
EVIL KILLER – Witchcraft
EXCORIATE – On Pestilent Winds
EXUMER – Rising from the Sea
EXUMER – Possessed by Fire
FATES WARNING – The Spectre Within
FLIGHT – A Leap Through Matter
HALLOWS EVE – Tales Of Terror
Hellripper – Coagulating Darkness Reissue
HELSTAR – A Distant Thunder
HELVETETS PORT – Exodus to Hell
HEXX – Entangled in Sin
HORNS OF DOMINATION – Where Voices Leave No Echo
Invictus – Eden
JAG PANZER – Mechanized Warfare
JUGGERNAUT – Baptism Under Fire
KING DIAMOND – Conspiracy
KING DIAMOND – The Puppet Master
KING DIAMOND – Abigail II-The Revenge
KING DIAMOND – Conspiracy
KING DIAMOND – Fatal Portrait
KRABATHOR – Demonizer: Mortal Memories II.
Kringa – Through The Flesh Of Ethereal Wombs
Kringa – Total Mental Desecration
Living Metal – Living Metal
LIZZY BORDEN – Master Of Disguise
MANILLA ROAD – Spiral Castle
MANILLA ROAD – The Courts of Chaos
MERCYFUL FATE – In The Shadows
MERCYFUL FATE – Mercyful Fate
MERCYFUL FATE – The Beginning
Messina – Terrortory
Morast – Ancestral Void
OMEN – Battle Cry
OMEN – Warning Of Danger
OMEN – The Curse
ORIGINAL SIN – Sin Will Find You Out
OUTRE-TOMBE – Abysse Mortifère
PAGAN ALTAR – Mythical & Magical
POKOLGEP – Pokoli Színjáték
PORTRAIT – Burn The World
PORTRAIT – Crossroads
Possession – Exorkizein
Possession – 1585 – 1646
Possession / Venefixion – Passio Christi – Part II Split
RAVENCULT – Force Of Profanation
RAZOR – Violent Restitution
Rope Sect – The Great Flood
Rope Sect – Personae Ingratae
SACRED REICH – The American Way
SACRED REICH – Surf Nicaragua
SATAN’S WRATH – Aeons Of Satan’s Wrath
SCALD – Will of the Gods is Great Power
S.D.I. – Satan’s Defloration Incorporated
S.D.I. – Sign of the Wicked
Shadowkiller – Guardians of the Temple
SLAYER – Hell Awaits
SLAYER – Show No Mercy
SLAYER – Live Undead
SLAYER – Haunting The Chapel
SOLSTICE – Death’s Crown is Victory
Sonne Adam – Doctrines of Dark Devotion
STORMWITCH – Tales of Terror
Sweven – The Eternal Resonance
TANITH – In Another Time
TITANIC – Soumrak titánů
TÖXIK DEATH – Sepulchral Demons
Urfaust – The Constellatory Practice
Urfaust – Apparitions
Vanik – II, Dark Season
Vanik – III
VENDEL – Vendel
Venefixion – Defixio
Venefixion – A Sigh From Below
VISIGOTH – Conqueror’s Oath
Vortex – Metal Bats
Vortex – Open the Gate
Vortex – Remains
VULTURE – Ghastly Waves & Battered

Hellpreacher – Resurrection

ARACHNID – Arachnid
Atlantean Kodex – The Course Of Empire
Attic – The Invocation
Attic – Sanctimonious
BASTILLE – Electric Animation
BLACKSLASH – Lightning Strikes Again
BLAZON RITE – Dulce Bellum Inexpertis E.P.
Bloodlust – Black Mass
Bulletproof – Dynamite
Caronte – Wolves of Thelema
Caronte – YONI
Caronte – Ascension
Chapel Of Disease – Summoning Black Gods
Chapel Of Disease – …And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye
COBRA – Lethal Strike
DECEASED – Surreal Overdose
DEFENDER – Defender
Demon Bitch – Hell friends
Demonztrator – Sinister Forces of Hatred
The Devil’s Blood – Demo MMVII
The Devil’s Blood – The Thousandfold Epicentre
The Devil’s Blood – III: Tabula Rasa or Death and …
EPILEPSIA – Futuro Siniestro
HAIL OF BULLETS – III The Rommel Chronicles
HORNS OF DOMINATION – Where Voices Leave No Echo
IN SOLITUDE – The World:The Flesh:The Devil
INTREPID – The Message… Unleashed!
IRON ANGEL- Hellish Crossfire
JUGGERNAUT – Baptism Under Fire / Trouble Within
Kringa – Feast Upon The Gleam
LIONS PRIDE – Breaking Out
Locust Point – Locust Point
METALUCIFER – Australucifer Heavy Metal Holocaust
MIDNIGHT – Rebirth By Blasphemy
Miecz Wikinga – Grona Gniewu
MOLTEN CHAINS – Torment Enshrined
MOLTEN CHAINS – In The Antechamber Below
Morbid Cruelty – Holodomor
NOCTURNAL BREED – The Whiskey tapes
NECROVORE – Demos + Live takes
Nekrovault – Totenzug: Festering Peregrination
NIGHT FIGHTER – Unholy Sepulchre
NIGHT HAG – Insemination Rites of the Succubus
NIGHT HAG / CRYPTIC BROOD – Swollen with Rancid Phlegm
OBLIVIAX – I Know What You’re After
OMEN – Battle Cry
OMEN – Warning Of Danger
OMEN – The Curse/Nightmares
PILGRIM – II: Void Worship
PILGRIM – Misery Wizard
RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH From the Kennel to the Castle
REVENGE – Trust in Metal
SABATEUR – Vicious Circle
SACRED REICH – Awakening
SATANS HOST – Metal from Hell
SATO – Leather Warriors – Sato Anthology 82/86
Sauron – Conquest Through Attrition
Sauron – Thrash Assault
Sentinals – Trasciende
Shadow Warrior – Cyberblade
SIJJIN – Angel of the Eastern Gate
SINTAGE – The Sign
SORTILEGE – Sortilège
STEEL RATH – Steel Rath
STRIKE MASTER – Death Based Illusions
Supercrist – South of Hell
Superchrist – Back and Black
Superchrist – Holy Shit
Superchrist – Heavy Metal Tonight
Superchrist – Burn Again
Sweven – The Eternal Resonance
TANITH – In Another Time
TAURUS – Signo de Taurus
THRASHTORNO – Unearthed in the Disaster
TRIAL – Motherless
THE TROOPS OF DOOM – Rise of Heresy
Urfaust – Compilation Of Intoxications
Urfaust – The Constellatory Practice
VENDEL – Vendel
Venefixion – A Sigh From Below
VISIGOTH – Conqueror’s Oath
VISIGOTH – The Revenant King
Vortex – Metal Bats
Vortex – Open the Gate
WESTFALEN – Westfalen
WITCH HUNT – Rock N’ Roll Possession

Black Grail – Demo-Reh. 2012
Caustic – Arrow
Chapel – Satan’s Rock N Roll
Cutthroat – Rape ! Rape! Rape!+ EPs
DEATH YELL – Descent into Hell
Disfear – Misanthropic Generation
Heretic – Underdogs Of The Underworld
INSANE – Wait and pray
IN SOLITUDE – The World The Flesh The Devil
Morbid Cruelty – Holodomor
Mosh Angel -In The Sign Of Mosh Angel
Nuclear Revenge – Dawn Of The Primitive Age
Paranoid – Out Raising Hell
Poison – Into the Abyss…Resurrected
Putrid Evocation – Eternal Gloom: A Void of Agony and Repugnancy
Sekkusu – Satryomania
SLAŤ – demo 2021
SOULROT – Victims of Spiritual Warfare
SPIRITUS MORTIS – The god Behind the God
White Magician – Dealers of Divinity

Re: Dying Victims Productions- Riesen Distro Update!

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Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce the following new Pre-orders:


DVP 205 Venator – Echoes from the Gutter LP/CD/MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Austria’s VENATOR, Echoes From the Gutter, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Despite forming in 2016, it was not until 2020 when VENATOR made their recorded debut with the EP Paradiser. Nevertheless, the three songs contained therein were an incredibly auspicious first start, showing VENATOR as a band seemingly thawed out from 1983, so authentic and skyward was their songwriting. Wrapped in a uniquely retro-futuristic production, Paradiser pointed the way forward for VENATOR, and the buzz began to build.

Now, that buzz is gonna boil over with the band’s full-length debut, Echoes From the Gutter. Graced with yet another amazingly era-authentic artwork courtesy of frontman Hans Huemer, Echoes From the Gutter takes the melody and moodiness of its no-less-inconsiderable predecessor to uncharted heights (and depths!) of glory, both grimy and gleaming. Right from the record’s very first seconds, VENATOR burst and bristle with an electricity that’s positively, stunningly addicting; ANTHEM after ANTHEM is doled out with almost laissez-faire ease, each hook hoisted heavenly and then brought back down to – yes – the gutter. It’s the kind of album that walks that fine line between street-level and upwardly-mobile, much like heavy metal’s forerunning bands of the early 1980s, when the landscape of conquest from club to stadium was still a special dream. Or, simply submit to the emotive vocals of Huemer, whose heart-on-sleeve clarity commands his bandmates onward, they in kind delivering a truly impassioned performance that encompasses many speeds and many moods, but always with those HOOKS front and center – and fucking GODLY solos! Seriously: the solos here!!!

Anyone pining for the 1983/’84 peak of the likes of Tokyo Blade, Grim Reaper, OZ, Witch Cross, Heavy Load, and even Judas Priest but adding to that hallowed lineage rather than plagiarizing it, you’ve found your new modern classic in VENATOR’s Echoes From the Gutter!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on cyan blue vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
– CD edition with sticker.
– MC with sticker, button and download code.

Out 25th February.


DVP 206 Spectre – Drifter / The Black Jewel 7″

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a brand-new EP from Australia’s SPECTRE, Drifter, on 7” vinyl format.

SPECTRE is the sterling heavy metal vision of Will Spectre. Formed in 2017, the band made its recorded debut that summer with the two-song Silver Invaders / Stand Alone single on the cult Heavy Chains label, which DYING VICTIMS released on 7” vinyl later that year. SPECTRE’s primary influences are heavy metal and hard rock of the late ’70s and early ‘80s, and they continued that streak with the Hard Attacks digital single in 2018.

Now back with DYING VICTIMS, SPECTRE return with another short-yet-satisfying recording in the two-song Drifter. On this record, Will Spectre is joined by his heavy friends Jake Glas (Outcast/Teuton) on vocals and David Harrington-George (The Wizar’d/Tarot) on bass. Indeed, as the cover slyly nods to cult Japanese psychedelia surely known to the most devout trainspotters, so, too, do SPECTRE here sprinkle spices from Will Spectre’s other musical conjurings – namely, The Wizar’d, Tarot, Dracula, and Crypt Vapor. What results on the title track “Drifter” and its flipside “The Black Jewel” is pure vintage bathos and pathos, the hard rocking moodier and more mysterious yet also more immediate and, somehow, disarmingly human in its naked bravado. The A-side gets the chest thumping and fists shaking, while the B-side is a haunting vision in velet: simple, sure, but also sublime. What dream singles are made of!

– 7″ with sticker and download code.

Out 25th February.


DVP 208 Lynx – Watcher of Skies MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present LYNX’s debut album “Watcher of the Skies” on music cassette format.

Lynx is a Heavy Rock Band, formed early 2020 in Gießen, Germany. After releasing their first demo recordings, they signed with No Remorse Records from Greece for their debut album. Fans of early „Boston“ or „Scorpions“ records should have a listen. Their sound is an unique approach towards guitar music of the 70s and 80s.

– MC with sticker, button and download code.

Out 25th February.


DVP 209 Schizophrenia – Recollections of the Insane MC / exclusive LP color

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SCHIZOPHRENIA’s debut album Recollections Of The Insane on music cassette format. Additionally, DVP will be selling an exclusive, strictly limited purple color vinyl edition of the album.

Back in January 2020, SCHIZOPHRENIA came out of nowhere with their self-released debut EP “Voices” to hit the Extreme Metal underground like a bomb. With a relentless cocktail of high-adrenaline Death Metal and groovy mid-tempo elements, the band took the heavy scene by storm and soon became known for their distinctively heavy yet dynamic sound, bursting with detail and intensity.

Now, the four-piece from Antwerp, Belgium, reveal the first details of their highly anticipated debut studio album Recollections Of The Insane, which will see the light of day on February 25th, 2022 (on tape). With nine brand new tracks spanning over 43 minutes, the band’s upcoming record picks up where “Voices” left off, with going even further in every aspect, sometimes even flirting with some melodic Death/Black Metal influences! Morbid Angel, Demolition Hammer, Slayer, early Sepultura, Dissection, Death, At The Gates, Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Pestilence…if any of these bands already gets you going, then imagine a blend of all of them combined with SCHIZOPHRENIA’s unique and fresh interpretation of Extreme Metal!

– MC with sticker, button and download code.
– Exclusive, purple colored vinyl edition.

Out 25th February.

Re: Dying Victims Productions- Venator, Spectre, Schizophren

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von flo/thrash attack zine

Re: Dying Victims Productions- Venator, Spectre, Schizophren

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von flo/thrash attack zine
Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce these new releases:


DVP-R 006 Sacrifice – Total Steel LP

RELICS FROM THE CRYPT, the sub-label of DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS dedicated to keeping the past alive, is proud to present a vinyl LP reissue of the cult second album of Japan’s SACRIFICE, Total Steel. Licensed from Carnal Beast.

From their humble beginnings in 1985 on to their super-cult debut album, 1987’s Crest of Black, Japan’s SACRIFICE have stood for uncompromising, world-eating, thrashy METAL. Let’s reiterate: thrashy heavy metal rather than pure thrash metal. Thick and viscous is their thrust, with straightforward songwriting and exceptionally mean delivery. However, it was with 1990’s Total Steel where they’d perfect that signature style.

Much like Japanese punk takes bog-standard tropes and upends them in unique ways, so, too, did SACRIFICE do such with crossover on Total Steel. Aptly titled in its dedication to rivetheaded ignorance-is-bliss, Total Steel is a nine-song/46-monster which mainlines then-contemporaneous Cro-Mags, Venom, Razor, Carnivore, the UK’s Sacrilege, Nasty Savage, The Exploited, and even early Celtic Frost into something that sounds like all those simultaneously and nothing like ‘em at all. Credit is due to the band’s bullheaded approach to riffing: hammer/hammer/hammer, hypnotically so, stripping everything down to its barbaric basics and then build ‘em up to towering heights. Literally, you DROWN in their crush here, as nearly every vocal-led track tops five minutes, allowing for maximal immersion. Likewise, SACRIFICE’s execution is creepy and sleazy in equal measure, spitting forth attitude even when the linguistic translations go astray. But, the closing couplet of “Don’t Wanna Be Back in Black Days” and “Cold Storm” perhaps perfectly underline their particular headspace.

Amazingly, Total Steel sounds as refreshing today as time-locked as it sounded in 1990. Fans of Power Trip and Iron Age on to maniacs for metalpunk and those who hunt for Combat Core, bow before SACRIFICE!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on halloween orange vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.


DVP-R 007 Mad Butcher – Metal Meat LP

RELICS FROM THE CRYPT, the sub-label of DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS dedicated to keeping the past alive, is proud to present a LONG-overdue reissue of MAD BUTCHER’s cult-classic second album, Metal Meat, on vinyl LP format.

While it would seem that MAD BUTCHER were inspired by Germany’s legendary Destruction, the truth is rather the other way around: MAD BUTCHER predated Destruction by a number of years, and began even earlier than Teutonic metal mainstays Accept, Steeler, Grave Digger, and Living Death. As such, they were one of the first real metal bands in Germany to pick up sonic influence from the burgeoning NWOBHM movement and the early US metal scene. And what they delivered with their ragged ‘n’ righteous debut album, 1985’s Lightning Metal Attack, stands immortal to this day even though it’s largely remained a cult curio among diehard metal collectors. RELICS FROM THE CRYPT reissued it on vinyl in late 2020, and now grants MAD BUTCHER’s equally electric second album, Metal Meat, the same treatment.

Originally released on the long-dormant Metal Enterprises in 1987, Metal Meat is both an intensification of that rough-around-the-edges but addictingly spirited debut and a smoother, more-finessed version of it. It’s imperative to understand that that Lightning Metal Attack was rather “behind the times” when it was originally released in 1985, given that MAD BUTCHER’s subgenre-defiant sound spanned ALL heavy metal of the day, from NWOBHM to the early ‘80s US sound, before speed metal and then thrash splintered forth from that wider stylistic pool. That they then kinda cobbled it together into an adrenaline rush strikingly similar to speed metal is no mean feat. By comparison – and, crucially, retaining the same lineup as the debut – Metal Meat’s speed metal songs cruised with confidence and ease, in no small part to the improved production, which was still considered “raw” by mainstream standards. However, it’s those hooky, vaguely “mainstream” strutters here that make Metal Meat such a wild and enduring spin. There’s never gonna be a moment where one would ever mistake MAD BUTCHER for a hair-metal band, but a great deal of this album sidles most sinisterly next to that oft-maligned idiom, the band’s more pronounced hard-rock swagger suggesting the Sunset Strip rather than the industrial wasteland of their native Ruhr. Put another way, Metal Meat is far closer to the dark & heavy sleaze of early W.A.S.P. or even Exciter’s way-ugly Unveiling the Wicked than, say, Poison or Ratt. And of course, MAD BUTCHER’s innate German-ness rings loud and clear here, with vocalist/bassist Harry Elbracht delivering an effortlessly creepy performance.

And while MAD BUTCHER would disband in 1990, after two officially released albums and a third posthumously released in 2020, their legendry among the true-metal faithful was forever etched with Lightning Metal Attack – and further etched into the annals of CULT with its inadvertently strange follow-up. Now, for posterity, RELICS FROM THE CRYPT will deliver this Metal Meat right to your table, on the format it so deserves: vinyl!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on white vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.

Re: Dying Victims Productions- Sacrifice, Mad Butcher LPs

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von flo/thrash attack zine

Many new LPs, CDs and tapes added to the webshop!


AGRESIVA – El fin de la razón
ANTICHRIST – Forbidden World LP
ANTICHRIST – Sinful Bitrth LP
Atlantean Kodex – The White Goddess
AVENGER – Prayers of Steel
AVENGER – Depraved to Black
BARBARIAN – To No God Shall I Kneel
BATTALION – Bleeding Till Death
BLAZON RITE – Endless Halls of Golden
BUTTERFLY – Doorways Of Time
CALIGULA – Technical aggression
CHEMICAUST – Unleashed Upon This World
CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY – Apocalyptic compendium
CIRITH UNGOL – Frost & Fire (40th Anniversary Edition)
CONVENT GUILT – Diamond Cut Diamond
DEAF DEALER – Journey Into Fear
Desaster – Stormbringer
DESASTER – A Touch Of Medieval Darkness
DESASTER – Hellfire´s Dominion
DESOLATION – Screams of the Undead
EVIL CORPSE – Apocalyptic Future
EVIL INVADERS – Pulses Of Pleasure
EZRA BROOKS / SERPENT RIDER – Visions Of Esoteric Splendor
THE FORCE – Nations Under Attack
FORTRESS – Don’t Spare the Wicked
GARGOYLE – The Deluxe Major Metal Edition
GARGOYLE – Gargoyle Picture Disc
GLACIER – The Passing of Time
Guillotine – Blood Money
HITTEN – Triumph & Tragedy
HYPNOSIA – Extreme Hatred
Incubator – Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism
Incubator – McGillroy The Housefly
INCURSION – The Hunter
INJECTOR – Hunt Of The Rawhead
INSANE – Wait and Pray
IRONHAWK – To The Point!
Jaguar – Power Games
JT RIPPER – Gathering of the Insane
Kontact – First Kontact
LAAZ ROCKIT – Know Your Enemy
LAAZ ROCKIT – Annihilation Principle
LEGEND – From The Fjords
LEGEND – Before The Fjords
Liquid Steel – Mountain of Madness
LIZZY BORDEN – Give Em The Axe
LOUD NIGHT – Mindnumbing pleasure
LYNX – Watcher of Skies
MIDNIGHT – Sweet Death and Ecstasy
MIDNIGHT – No Mercy For Mayhem
MIDNIGHT – Satanic Royalty
Morgoth – Cursed
Morgoth – Odium
Morgoth – Resurrection Absurd / The Eternal Fall
Morgoth / Satans Arrival – The Demos
MORGUL BLADE – Fell Sorcery Abounds
MORTEM – Demon Tales
Moshquito – Metallic Grave (1987-1989)
MURDEATH – Sob o Signo
NECROPHAGIA L.A. – The figure four 1984-1987
The Night Eternal – Moonlit Cross
Nuctemeron – Vomit the Evil
OMISSION – Worship What You Fear
OSTROGOTH – Before the Full Moon
PAGAN ALTAR – The Story of Pagan Altar
PODRIDÃO – Revering the Unearthed Corpse
PORTRAIT – Crossroads
RAM – The Throne Within
RAPTURE – Paroxysm of Hatred
REALMBUILDER – Blue Flame Cavalry
RIOT CITY – Burn The Night
Sacred Rite – S/t
SHADOWLAND – The Necromancer’s Castle
SIJJIN – Sumerian Promises
SLAUGHTER MESSIAH – Putrid Decade of Morbid Terror
SLAVES – Insolent Aggression
SOLICITOR – Solicitor
Space Eater – Aftershock
Sphinx – Deathstroke
STÄLKER – Black Majik Terror
STEEL ANGEL – Kiss Of Steel
STEEL ANGEL – …And The Angels Were Made Of Steel
THRONE OF IRON – Adventure One
TRAVELER – Traveler
TRAVELER – Termination Shock
WANKA – The Orange Album
WARBRINGER – Weapons of Tomorrow
WARFECT – Spectre of Devastation
WHEEL – Preserved in Time
WINTERHAWK – Dog Soldier
WINTERHAWK – Electric Warriors


BUNKER 66 / VUIL – Split
FREEWAYS – Spark Eliminator
Midnight Prey – Blood Stained Streets
Neptune Power Federation – The Dawn of the Magic Children
RADIATION – Plutonium Overdose
SNAKEPIT – Archives Vol. 2 BOOK Book + 7”
Violation – Meet Me at Midnight / Balls Out

AÇOITE – Açoite
ANCIENT EMPIRE – Priest of Stygia
Angel of Damnation – Carnal Philosophy
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE – Until The Darkness
ASSASSIN – The Metal Knights
BLACKSKULL – Corporate Suicide
BLADE’S EDGE – Witch Spells
BLAZON STONE – Damnation
BLAZON STONE – Return to Port Royal: Definitive Edition
BLAZON STONE – Hymns of Triumph and Death
BLAZON STONE – Live in the Dark
BLAZON STONE – No Sign of Glory
BLUDGEON – Vlad The Impaler
BOLIDO – W.A.R. (We Are Rock)
BONEHAMMER – Black Crust Invasion
CALIGULA – Technical aggression
CAPTAIN TRIPS – The Dance of Untruth
CARRASCO – Tormento Eterno
CARRASCO – Armageddon
CERES – Tyrant’s Rise
CHAINBREÄKER – Relentless Night
CHALICE – Demo Anthology: Live & Rare
CIRITH UNGOL – Frost & Fire (40th Anniversary Edition)
CLAYMOREAN – Eulogy for the Gods
Cóndor – El Valle del Cóndor
Count Raven – The Sixth Storm
Cruel Force – The Rise of Satanic Might
CRUELLA – Rampage
DEATHSLAUGHTËR – The Last Great War of Humanity
Deathtrap – Downfall (1989-1991)
DESASTER – A Touch Of Medieval Darkness
DESASTER – Stormbringer
DRAGON SWAY – Bloodlust Awaken
Emerald – Iron On Iron CD
ENTOPHYTE – End of Society’s Sanity
ETERNAL THIRST – The Hellish Fight Goes On
EVIL INVADERS – Feed Me Violence
EXCALIBUR – The Bitter End
FORGOTTEN DISCIPLE – Last Train to Heaven
FORMEL 1 – Auf dem Weg nach oben (1982-1987)
FRIGHTFUL – Spectral Creator
GARGOYLE – The Deluxe Major Metal Edition
GENERICHRIST – Insomniac Death Parade
GENTRY LORD – Singnals From the Multiverse
GERM BOMB – Infected from Birth
GERM BOMB – Sound of Horns
GLACIER – The Passing of Time
GOATEN – The Following
GOATEN – Crimson Moonlight
GRAVE CROSS – Nothing But The Night
GRAVETY – Bow Down
HANZ KRYPT – Tales From The Krypt
HELLHOUND – Nothing Left
HELLISH GRAVE – Hell No Longer Waits
HELLMOUTH – Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing
HELLSPIKE – Dynasties of Decay
HESSIAN – Bachelor of Dark Arts
HOME STYLE SURGERY – Brain Drill Poetry
HOT FOG – Secret Phantasies of the Dragon Sun
Hyghlander – No Time For Losers C
IRON STREAM – The Prophecy
IRON STREAM – Endless Pain
JEX THOTH – Blood Moon Rise
KÖMMAND – Savage Overkill
KÖMMAND – Stubborn Arsenal
LADEN SAINT – Laden Saint
LAST PROPHECY – Shadows of the Past
Lord Gallery – s/t
LOUD NIGHT – Mindnumbing pleasure
LUCIFER’S HAMMER – Time is Death
LYNX – Watcher of Skies
MACE – Process of Elimination
MACE – The Evil in Good
M.A.D. – …Of Life And Death (1988-2007)
MAD BUTCHER – For Adults Only + Demo’87
MAGNUS – Scarlet Slaughterer
MAGNUS – Death Revolution
MAX PLANCK – Kill the Pain
MCB – Heavy Mörtel Mischmachine (1985-1989)
METRALION – Quo Vadis + A Mosh in Brazil
MIDNIGHT – No Mercy For Mayhem
MIDNIGHT – Satanic Royalty
MIDNIGHT – Sweet Death and Ecstasy
Midnight Prey – Rite of Blood
MORBID SIN – Sins of the Flesh
Mordred – The Demos 1986-1988
Morgoth / Satans Arrival – The Demos
MORGUL BLADE – Fell Sorcery Abounds
MORTEM – Demon Tales
MORTEM – The Devil Speaks In Tongues
Moshquito – Metallic Grave (1987-1991)
MYSTIK – Mystik
NASTY – Society’s Knockin’
NECROPHAGIA L.A. – The figure four 1984-1987
The Night Eternal – Moonlit Cross CD
NIGHTSTRYKE – Power Shall Prevail
Nightstryke – The First Stryke
OSSUARY – Addicted to Human Flesh
OUTRE-TOMBE – Abysse Mortifère
PAGAN ALTAR – The Story of Pagan Altar
PANDEMIC OUTBREAK – Skulls Beneath the Cross
PARANOID – Out Raising Hell
PARKCREST – …and That Blue Will Turn to Red
RISING – Inside The Universe
ROBYN DANGER – Demo Anthology
ROCKA ROLLAS – The War of Steel Has Begun
ROCKA ROLLAS – Pagan Ritual
ROCKA ROLLAS – Celtic Kings
ROCKA ROLLAS – Metal Strikes Back: Definitive Edition
SARKASM – Inner Flame + Incubated Mind
SATAN’S FALL – Metal of Satan
SAVAGE – Loose N Lethal
Sepsis – To Make Rotten
SHAH – Escape From Mind
Sign Of The Jackal – Mark Of The Beast
SIJJIN – Sumerian Promises
SIREN – Up From the Depths Demo Anthology
SLANDER – Careless Talk Costs Lives
Sphinx – Deathstroke
STÄLKER – Black Majik Terror
STEEL AGGRESSOR – Mourning Star…Total Eclipse
Steeltower – Night Of The Dog
STRYCTNYNE – 1989-1991 Demo Anthology
STYGIAN FAIR – Equilibrium
SYLENT STORM – The Fire Never Dies
TERROR – Decades of Terror (Demo Anthology)
TOWER – Shock To The System
TOXIKULL – Cursed and Punished
Twisted Tower Dire – Battle Hymns To The Pantheon
TYRANNO | TÖRMENT GRAVE | KORVAK – Hellfire Armageddon
V/A – Iron And Hell
VICTIM – By The Neck
VIOGRESSION – Expound And Exhort
VOMIT DIVISION – Hell in a Bottle
WANKA – The Orange Album
WARBRINGER – Woe To The Vanquished
WARHEAD – Warhead

AMON – Alive in Hell
AMON – Realm of Evil / Kniha Smrti
Count Raven – The Sixth Storm
Delirij – Robovi Plejsa
ENSLAVED – Demo 1989
Ghost Tower – Head of Night
Glory Hole – Infestation of Evilized Deformities
Hellhighspeed – Hellhighspeed
IN GRIEF – Echoes of Doom
Kontact – Kontact
Mamorlis – Mamorlis
Nether – Beyond The Celestial Sphere
RADIATION – The Gift of Doom
Rest in Peace – s/t
V.A. – Black Steel Worship Vol. I