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A big "hello" to all the following persons and bands. Without you I wouldn't be the same...

Oliver Kerkdijk, Ernst Zeisberger und die anderen Sacred
Metaller (für all die Mühe, die ihr hier hereinsteckt und hoffentlich noch lange hereinstecken werdet! Let's keep Metal alive!!)

Steffi (Irgendwann wirst Du merken, was wirklich gute Musik ist...), sowie der Rest der Familie Kohsiek

Petra (für alles...)

Dave, Chris, Andrew, Alex and Henry of POWER OF OMENS for creating a masterpiece beyond belief...

By buddies in ZERO HOUR (You rule!!!)

André "Robbi" Wilms (A big "shalom" to Dortmund. Support Robbi!)

Nils "Schaffer" Wiemann ("Hey, John schreibt doch meine Texte!")

Steffi Sendmeyer (Zachary Stevens ist ja nun leider verheiratet, aber probier's doch mal bei Chris Caffery...)

Steve Kachinsky Blackmoor + STEEL PROPHET (Just go on, it's really worth it...)
Chris Ingles + SHADOW GALLERY (Once again, you've made the album of the year!!)
Christopher Roy, Russ Pellerin and READING ZERO and Matthew Pacheo and DIGITAL RUIN for hours of great music and great E-Mails/Interviews!!

Mychal and FORESEEN for being in this great scene, too and for releasing a kick-ass-progressive-album...

David DeFeis + VIRGIN STEELE (Just thanx for the music and the art of creating pictures in my mind )

Heiko Spaarmann (Jetzt Rockstar bei Poverty's No Crime - in
drei Jahren bei Dream Theater?)
Matthias Kraemer (Mein musikalisch es Spiegelbild)
Der Kartenclub "Mischen: Impossible" (Lars, Jörg, Jens und André (again) --> es wird mal wieder Zeit, oder? Tempus fugit...
Savatage, Fates Warning and Shadow Gallery for being the best bands on earth. Thanx for each and every note you've played and you'll be playing
All the other bands, that concentrate only on their musicianship and techical skills and not on trends or other shit  
To all the writers of various E-Mails I've received concerning this page and Heavy-Metal in general. Thank you very much!!

And finally: Cristopher Michael Oliva...