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Michael (intolerant)

CD schon/noch (evtl. gebraucht?) erhältlich bzw. wann genau ist VÖ?

Hier nachschauen (geht am schnellsten und ist am zuverlässigsten...):

In Partnerschaft mit

Annihilator: All For You Annihilator: Annihilator
Arakain: Forrest Gump  
Arakain: Thrash The Trash / Thrash (engl.) Artillery: B.A.C.K.
Asomvel: Kamikaze Delirium Tremens: Violent Mosh Ground
Disturbed: Ten Thousand Fists Eden's Fall: Harmony Of Lies
Exodus: Tempo of the Damned Exodus: Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Fatal Influence: World Unbalanced Fear Factory: Obsolete
Fear Factory: Archetype For The Love Of Suffering: Not Affected By Pain
F.K.Ü.: Where Moshers Dwell Hexen: State Of Insurgency
Grip Inc.: Incorporated Horcas: Vence
Imagika: And So It Burns

Kilgore: A Search For Reason

Koma: Criminal

Lost Souls: Fracture

Kreator: Violent Revolution Kreator: Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory
Kreator: Enemy of God  
Kreator: Hordes Of Chaos Machine Head: The Burning Red
Metallica: Death Magnetic Merciless Death: Realm Of Terror
Mortal Sin: An Absence Of Faith Negligence: Options Of A Trapped Mind
Opprobrium: Discerning Forces Paradox: Collision Course
Prime Evil: Unearthed Raise Hell: Wicked Is My Game
Pyöveli: The New Renaissance Of Speed & Thrash Metal Python: Good & Evil
Razor Fist: Razor Fist Force NEW (04.09.2010): Rezet: Have Gun, Will Travel
Rychus Syn: Rebirth Sanity's Rage: The Rage Of One
Scornage: Sick of Being Human Sepultura: Against
Silencer: Kozmos Silencer: Found on the Sun
Slaughter: Surrender Or Die (Re-Release) Slayer: Christ Illusion
Slayer: World Painted Blood Sodom: M-16
Sodom: Sodom Space Eater: Merciful Angel
(NEW 15.09.2010) Space Eater: Aftershock Such A Surge: Was Besonderes
Rammstein: Sehnsucht Temple Of Blood: Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind
Testament: The Gathering Testament: First Strike Still Deadly
Testament: The Formation Of Damnation The Crown: Hell Is Here

Volcano: Violent

Warfare Incorporated: Madness Breeds Heroes/Here Is Your Hell
Warmonger: Rites Of Vengeance Witchery: Symphony For The Devil

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