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Progressive Metal

Viele werden gemerkt haben, dass gerade am Progressive-Metal mein Herz hängt. Bands wie Zero Hour, Power Of Omens, Spiral Architect, Fates Warning, Psychotic Waltz uvm haben schlicht mein Leben verändert und geben mir auch heute noch unendlich viel. Also, ihr Metaller da draußen: versucht euch mal an einigen der hier  vorgestellten Scheiben - vielleicht ergeht es euch wie mir....


CD schon/noch (evtl. gebraucht?) erhältlich bzw. wann genau ist VÖ?

Hier nachschauen (geht am schnellsten und ist am zuverlässigsten...):

In Partnerschaft mit

Alchemy X: A Delicate Balance  
Andromeda: Extension Of The Wish Antithesis: Antithesis
Antithesis: Dying For Life Atmosfear: Atmosfear (EP)
Apocalypse: Rewind Ark: Ark
Ark: Burn The Sun Arkhe': Arkhe'
Artension: Phoenix Rising Athena: A New Religion?
Avalon: Vision Eden Ayreon: Inside The Electric Castle - A Space Opera
Behind The Curtain: Till Birth Do Us Part Biomechanical: Eigth Moons
Black Jester: The Divine Comedy Cea Serin: Chiarescuro
Cea Serin: ... where memories combine ... Centaur: God Complex
Chateau: Starlight Ecstasy Chateau: Appearance (Demo '99)
Circus Maxium: Isolate Communic: Conspiracy In Mind
Complex 7: Water Darkwater: Calling The Earth To Witness
Digital Ruin: Listen Diverse: Progressive DisDURPance, Vol. 1
Dream Child: Reaching The Golden Gates Dreamscape: Very
Dream Theater:Metropolis Part II: Scenes From A Memory Dream Theater: Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
Sampler: Voices - A Tribute To Dream Theater Diverse: Through Different Eyes - A Tribute To Fates Warning
Divine Regale: Ocean Mind Division: Ascension To Eternity
Eldritch: El Niño Eldritch: Portrait of the Abyss Within
Everon: Venus Everon: Bridge
Exhibition: Exhibition (EP) Fates Warning: A Pleasant Shade Of Gray
Fates Warning: Still Life Fates Warning: Disconnected
Fates Warning: X Finalxit: True Nature
Foreseen: A Prophet's Dream Foreseen: Soulless Age
Full Circle: Matter Of Time Gates Of Winter: Lux Aeterna
House Of Spirits: Psychosphere Into Eternity: Dead Or Dreaming
Into Eternity: Buried in Oblivion Images Of Eden: Sunlight Of The Spirit
Ion Vein: Beyond Tomorrow Ion Vein: Reigning Memories
Ivory Tower: Ivory Tower Ivory Knight: Unconscience
Jacobs Dream: Jacobs Dream Lanfear: Zero Poems
Leviathan: Scoring The Chapters Leviathan: At Long Last, Progress Stopped To Follow
Madsword: The Global Village Magnitude Nine: Decoding the Soul
Mayadome: Near Life Experience Medusa: Etherias
Mercury Rising: Building Rome Meyvn: Splintered Skies
Mind Masque: Mind Masque Mind's Eye: ...Waiting For The Tide
Mundanus Imperium: The Spectral Spheres Coronation Othyrworld: Beyond Into The Night Of Day
Pain Of Salvation: One Hour By The Concrete Lake Pain Of Salvation: Remedy Lane
Pain Of Salvation: Be Power Of Omens: Eyes Of The Oracle
Power of Omens: Rooms of Anguish Poverty's No Crime: Slave To The Mind
 Poverty's No Crime: One In A Million Poverty's No Crime: Chemical Chaos 
Psychotic Waltz: live & archives Pyramid: The Immaculate Lie
Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime / Queen Of The Reich - Edition Collector De Luxe (13.03.2010): Queensryche: Operation: Mindcrime II
The Quiet Room: Introspect  
Thought Chamber: Angular Perceptions Redemption: Redemption
Re-Vision: Whore Venus Reading Zero: The Actual
Rush: Different Stages NEW (16.05.2008): Sacrum: Cognition
Secret Sphere: Mistress Of The Shadowlight Shadow Gallery: Tyranny
Shadow Gallery: Legacy Shadow Gallery: Room V
Sore Plexus: Visual Agnosia Sore Plexus: Haptephobic
Souljourners: Mind Control NEW (13.02.2009): Suspyre: When Time Fades
Superior: YOUnique Spiral Architect: A Sceptic's Universe
Spock's Beard: The Kindness Of Strangers Skylark: The Dragon's Secret
Stigmata IV: The Court Of Eternity Stride: Imagine
Symmetry: To Divinity Symmetry: Watching The Unseen
Symphony X: The Divine Wings Of Tragedy Symphony X: Twilight In Olympus
Symphony X: V Symphony X: The Odyssey
Talamasca: Projection   Talamasca: Ascension
Telltalehard: Spiral Stairs The Fifth Season: Stronger Perfect
Threshold: Clone Threshold: Hypothetical
  NEW (13.02.2009): Tomorrow's Eve: Tales From Serpentia
Townsend, Devin: Accelerated Evolution Treasure Land: Gateway
Trivial Act: Mindscape Twilight Kingdom: Adze
Valley's Eve: The Atmosphere Of Silence Vanden Plas: Far Off Grace
Vigilante: Chaos - Pilgrimage Vauxdvihl: Vog
Winterfell: The Veil Of Summer Without Warning: Step Beyond
XsavioR: Caleidoscope Xystus: Receiving Tomorrow
Zero Hour:  Zero Hour Zero Hour: The Towers Of Avarice

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