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Ja ja, ich weiß! Anathema und viele andere auf dieser Seite sind alles andere als Black Metal. Dennoch: diese Rubrik Black/Death/Gothic/Doom-Metal zu nennen war mir dann doch zu sperrig. Also finden sich hier fortan alle Scheiben, die  irgendwo im Bereich des Black Metal, Death MetalGothic Rock oder Doom Metal liegen liegen. Sprich: alles, was nicht irgendwie Power- und Progressive-Metal, sondern heftig bis obskur ist, findet ihr hier. SEHR vereinfacht gesagt.... ;-)



Aarni: Bathos  
Agathodaimon: Blacken The Angel Anathema: Judgement
Anathema: A Natural Disaster   Amon Amarth: Versus the World
Amon Amarth: Fate of Norns Apocalyptic Raids: Only Death Is Real
Asphyx: Live Death Doom  
Avenger: Fall Of Devotion, Wrath And Blasphemy Bal-Sagoth: Atlantis Ascendant
Bal-Sagoth: The Chthonic Chronicles Bathory: Destroyer Of Worlds
Bathory: Nordland I Bible Of The Devil: The Diabolic Procession
Burning Saviours: Hundus Candlemass: Doomed for Live - Reunion 2002
Candlemass: Candlemass Candlemass: King Of The Grey Islands
Children Of Bodom: Something Wild Children Of Bodom: Hatebreeder
Count Raven: Mammons War Corpus Christii: Tormented Belief
Covenant: Nexus Polaris Cryptopsy: And Then You'll Beg
Damnable: Completely Devoted Dark Tranquillity: Projector
Dawn Of Winter: The Peaceful Dead Death: The Sound Of Perseverance
Deceased: Supernatural Addiction Death Machine: Death Machine
Deeds Of Flesh: Path Of The Weakening NEW (09.08.2010): Demiurg: Slakthus Gamleby
  The Devil's Blood - The Graveyard Shuffle 7"
Dimmu Borgir: Godless Savage Garden Disillusion: Back to Times of Splendor
Disinter: Demonic Portraiture Dismember: Where Ironcrosses Grow
Dismember: The God That Never Was Dissmulation: Prakeikimas
Doomshine: Thy Kingdom Come DoomSword: My Name Will Live On
Earthling Society Albion Earth Flight: Same
Edge of Sanity: Crimson II Elvenking: Heathenreel
Eisregen: Krebskolonie Ekpyrosis: After War
Embraced: The Birth Eminenz: Anti-Genesis
Enter My Silence: Remotecontrolled Scythe Eternal Elysium: Share
Fall Of The Idols: The Womb Of The Earth Fall Of The Idols: The Seance
Forest of Shadows: Departure Forsaken: Dominaeon
Fragments of Unbecoming: Skywards - A Sylphe's Ascension Gardenian: Soulburner
Garden Of Worm: The Witch Comes Back To Life God Dethroned: Bloody Blasphemy
Graven: Perished and Forgotten Graveyard Dirt: Shadows Of Old Ghosts
Hatred: The Offering Hidden Hand: Mother Teacher Destroyer
Hour Of 13: Hour Of 13 Hollenthon: With The Vilest Of Worms To Dwell
In Flames: Colony In Aevum Agere: From The Depth Of Soul
Immolation: Failures For Gods Immolation: Close To A World Below
Isole: Throne Of Void Isole: Silent Ruins
Lacrimas Profundere: Burning: A Wish  
Lacuna Coil: In A Reverie Lair of Minotaur: Carnage
Lake Of Tears: Forever Autumn Lake Of Tears: The Neonai
Lamp Of Thoth, The: Cauldron Of Witchery 10" L'Impero Delle Ombre: Same
Loch Vostok: Destruction Time Again!  
 Lord Vicar: The Demon Of Freedom 7" Mercenary: 11 Dreams
Morgion: Solinari Morgion: Cloaked by Ages, Crowned in Earth

Mourning Beloveth: The Sullen Sulcus

Morbid Angel: Heretic 

Mirror Of Deception: Mirrorsoil

Mirrorthrone: Of Wind and Weeping

Mütilation: Majestas Lebrosus

My Darkest Hate: Massive Brutality

My Dying Bride: The Light At The End Of The World My Dying Bride: The Dreadful Hours
My Dying Bride: A Line Of Deathless Kings Nasum: Shift
Naglfar: Pariah Necrophagist: Epitaph
Nordisches Blut: Our Banners will rise Nomad Son: First Light
Nightwish: Oceanborn Nile: Annihilation Of The Wicked
(21.11.2009): Nirvana 2002: Recordings 89-91 Old Season: Volume 1
Opeth: Blackwater Park Pavor: Furioso
Pale Divine: Cemetary Earth Penance: The Road Revisited
Place Of Skulls: Same / Live  Primordial: To The Nameless Dead
Procession: The Cult Of Disease (EP) NEW (21.12.2010): Procession: Destroyers Of The Faith
Rest In Pain: Leprosy Of Subconscious  
Reverend Bizarre: III - So Long Suckers Revelation: Release
Sacrificium: Cold Black Piece of Flesh Seasons Of The Wolf: Seasons Of The Wolf
Seasons Of The Wolf: Lost In Hell Scald: Will of the Gods is Great Power
Sceptic: Unbeliever's Script Siegfried: Drachenherz
Siebenbürgen: Plagued Be Thy Angel Solstice: Halycon
Solitude Aeturnus: Alone Suidakra: The Arcanum

Technocracy: Same

Terminal Function: Measuring The Abstract
Theatre Of Tragedy: Aégis Therion: Vovin
Therion: Deggial The Gates of Slumber: The Awakening
The Gates Of Slumber: Suffer No Guilt The Gates Of Slumber: Conqueror
NEW (10.09.09): The Gates Of Slumber: Hymns Of Blood & Thunder The Prophecy: Revelations
The River: Drawing Down The Sun The Wandering Midget: I Am The Gate
NEW (20.11.): The Wizar'd: Pathways Into Darkness Thy Serpent: Christcrusher
Trouble: Simple Mind Condition Unleashed: Sworn Allegiance
Unleashed: Midvinterblod Upwards Of Endtime: Same
Vargsang: Call of the Nightwolves Wall Of Sleep: ... and hell followed with him
Warning: Watching From The Distance While Heaven Wept: Of Empires Forlorn
Witchfinder General: Resurrected  

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