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Eigenproduktionen / Eigenpressungen

Damit fängt meist alles an: heutzutage begnügen sich Bands nicht mehr mit schnöden Tapes mit kopierten Covern - es muss eine perfekt layoutete CD sein, mit der man sich bei den verschiedenen Plattenfirmen bewirbt. Meist sind diese Teile schon nicht mehr von "professionellen" Produkten zu unterscheiden und genau deshalb gibt es diese Rubrik. Was natürlich nicht heißt, dass wir das gute, alte Demotapes unter den Teppich kehren wollen. Her damit! Wir hoffen, dass wir durch diese Seite  einigen Bands auf die Sprünge helfen können.... 

Also der Aufruf geht an euch Musiker dort draußen: schickt uns euer Material und ganz fix  werdet ihr hier auftauchen! Unsere Adressen gibt's im Impressum.


7 for 4: Time 7th Reign: 7th Reign
Absolute Steel: We Sentence You To Death (CD-Single) Aeonblack: Aeonblack
AfterShok: Unfinished Business Age Of Evil: Living A Sick Dream
Altar Of Oblivion: The Shadow Era - Demo 2007 Anarion: The Journey Begins
Ancient Creation: The Uprising Antiquus: Ramayana
Armory: The Dawn Of Enlightenment Archer: Archer
NEW (29.05.2010): Artizan: Artizan  
Art Of Fear: Pride Of Creation Art of Fear: Master of Pain
Art Of Fear: Facing Hell Aspire: The Age Of Reckoning
Atlantean Kodex: The Pnakotic Demos Avanitas: Promo 2001
Bäd Influence: Invisible Sun Battle Ram: Battle Ram
Betrayer: Rusted Icons Black Destiny: In Neo Noir
Blutrausch: Mein Opferlamm Boomerang: Real Unreal
Born Of Fire: Same Brandenburg: Keeper of Time (1994)
Brave: Monuments Brutal Hand: Unchain The World
Caroline Blue: Not For The Innocent Carpe Diem: The Paralysed Years
Cast In Silence: Same (Promo) Catch 22: Soulreaper, Vol. 1
Celestial Dawn: Disorder Chaos Asylum: Chaos Asylum
Chimaera: Myths And Legends Crusader: Fools
Crystal Fate: Celestial Prohesy Damien Steele: Damien Steele
Danger: Keep Out Dark Black: The Barbarian's Hammer
Dawn Patrol: Point Of No Return Destination's Calling: Mastery of the Light
Dissident Saint: The Rise Distant Warning: For All Eternity
Divinus: Thoughts of a Desperate Mind Divinus: Nine Ways To Rome
Dragon's Lair: DragonHeart Dragonwyck: Born Into Madness
Dream Quest: The Release Dream Steel: The Flight Of A Butterfly
Earth Flight: Same Embers Of Euphoria: Same
Embrace Fire: Savage Emerald: Calling The Knights/Rebels Of Our Time
Engage: Demo 2005 Enchanter: Symbols In Stone
Ethereal Architect: Dissension Ethereality: Renaissance
Estrum: Demo-CD Fallen Sanctuary: Theories In Ruin
Final Stage: Flight Of The Phoenix Final Stage: Through The Mirror
Forces@Work: Forcilized  

(13.06.2010: Forgotten Legacy: The Oracle

Fracture: Law After Law

Fueled By Fire: Spread The Fire! Full Circle: Matter Of Time
Gates Of Winter: Lux Aeterna Goat Horn: Storming the Gates
Graveyard Dirt: Shadows Of Old Ghosts Hammers Of Misfortune: The Bastard
Hard Echo: Traded Secrets Hard Echo: Mouth Of The Sun
Heart Of Cygnus: Utopia Hellrazor: In The Wild
Holy Martyr: Hatred & Warlust Holy Martyr: Hail to Hellas
Icarus Witch: Roses On White Lace Ice Vinland: Vinland Saga
Ignitor: Take to the Sky Images Of Eden: Sunlight Of The Spirit
Immortal Avenger: Valor & Justice In Aevum Agere: From The Depth Of Soul
Infearior: Two-Faced World Interface: Interface (Demo)

Iron Cross: Church And State - 20th Anniversary Remaster

Ivory Night: 7 - Dawn of Night
Ivory Night: Machine Jacobs Dream: Dominion Of Darkness
Kingscrossing: Kingscrossing Last Empire: Last Empire
Lazarus: Episode One Legion: Shadow Of The King
Letter 7: Salt Of The Earth Lunarium: Journeys, Fables And Lore

Logar's Diary: Book 1: Iostros 

Majesty: Keep It True

Megattack: Save The Nations Melodramus: 30 Silver Pieces
Men Of War: Hail to Bännjerländ Merciless Death: Evil In The Night

Metro Society: A Journey In Paris

Meyvn: Last Rites

Mindguard: Out Of The Dark Miles Beyond: Miles Beyond
Monastery: Demo-CD '00  
NEW (10.11.2009): Morpheus Rising: The Original Demos 2008 Murder She Wrote: Past Incomplete
New Allegiance: Demo CD Nihilist: Call Down The Thunder
New Eden: Stagnant Progression Nocta: Come Out Whereever You Are! (Demo)
Old Season: Volume 1 One Of Sixx: U.D. Cide
Order Of Nine: Of Once And Future Kings Order Of Nine: Season Of Reign
Over Us Eden: Over Us Eden Overloaded: Hail The Kingdom / Regeneration
Pavor: Furioso Polaris: Seven Arrows
Polaris: The Human Illusion Portrait: Welcome To My Funeral
Powervice: Hand Of Glory Premonition: Prozac & Razorblades
Profound: A World Of My Own Making Psychotron: Open the Gate
Python: Good & Evil Rainspawn: Messenger Of Death
Razor Fist: Razor Fist Force Reviver: Cycles
Reviver: Osiris' Eyes Roadkill: Pyramid
Roadkill: Merlin Rychus Syn: Rebirth
Sacred Dawn: Gears Of The Machine Saintsbleed: Twistet Truth
NEW (19.04.2009): Saintsbleed: The Mighty Monster Savallion Dawn: The Charge
Savage Messiah: Spitting Venom Savior From Anger: No Way Out
Screaming Souls - The Fall Of Cerel Sedition: World Of Illusion
Serenity: Engraved Within Serpent Saints: Leather Lucifer - EP
Seventh Calling: Monuments Seventh One: The Celestial Prophecy
Shadowlord: Shadowlord Shadow Demon: Shadow Demon
Silencer: Found on the Sun Silver Cypher: Demo 2006
NEW (11.04.2009): Sign Of The Jackal: Haunted House Tapes  
Silver Cypher: Yesterday's Tomorrow Skelator: Swords
Solemnity: Reign In Hell Solemnity: Lords Of The Damned
Souljourners: Mind Control Spittin Jonah: Louder Than Hell
Spittin Jonah: Sphere Of Resistance Status Minor: The Sun
Steel Warrior: Beyond The Twilight Hills Stormblade: Insane
Stormblade: Demo 2002 Stormrider: Vengeance
Stormrider: Shipwrecked Stormwarrior: Barbaric Steel
Steelpreacher: Route 666 Sylvan: Force Of Gravity
(10.01.10): Taunted: Bleeding Black Taste Of Doom: The Chronicles Of Terror (EP)
Temple Of Blood: Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind Tempest Reign: Catastrophic
The Kill: The Kill The Sacrificed: The Da Vinci Hoax
The Vengeful Few: The Vengeful Few Thunder Rider: Tales of Darkness & Light - Chapter II
Timelord: Dawn Of Dissent Timemage: Nightmares
Timemage: WitchCraft Towersound: Towersound
Transcending Mortality: Machine Twilight Odyssey: Twilight Odyssey
Twisted Motivations: Timespan Unearthed: Impositions Of Faith
Valkyrie's Cry: Black Knight Voodooshock: Promo 2001
Walk The Sky: Walk The Sky Warbringer: Warbringer
WiszdomStone: WiszdomStone Zero Gravity: Passages

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