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Power / US / "True" Metal

So langsam platzt diese Seite aus allen Nähten und ich muss mir mal was überlegen. Aber was? Anregungen sind herzlich willkommen.... Hier sollen sich also die Traditionalisten unter euch austoben dürfen. Da, wo Metal noch Metal ist, wo Stahl den Stahl trifft und der Hammer fällt. Oder so....


CD schon/noch (evtl. gebraucht?) erhältlich bzw. wann genau ist VÖ?

Hier nachschauen (geht am schnellsten und ist am zuverlässigsten...):

In Partnerschaft mit

Abolisher: Lament The Season

A Tribute To ACCEPT

Accept: Metal Blast From The Past (DVD+)

NEW (04.09.2010): Accept: Blood Of The Nations

Abraxas: Tomorrow's World  

Adramelch: Broken History

AfterShok: Unfinished Business

Aftershok: Burning Chrome Agent Steel: Omega Conspiracy
Agent Steel: Order of the Illuminati Agent Steel: Alienigma
Ahoora: All In Blood With You Aina: Days of Rising Doom (The Metal Opera)

Andre Matos: Time To Be Free

Andre Matos: Mentalize

Angel Dust: Border Of Reality

Angra: Fireworks

Angra: Rebirth

Angra: Hunters And Prey

Angra: Aurora Consurgens Annihilator: Criteria For A Black Widow
Annihilator: Carnival Diablos Annihilator: Waking The Fury

Annihilator: All For You

Anubis Gate: Purification
Anubis Gate: Andromeda Unchained Anvil: Plenty Of  Power

Anvil: Back to Basics

Arch Enemy: Burning Bridges

Arch Enemy: Wages Of Sin 

Arch Rival: Third Degree Burns

Archetype: Hands Of Time

Archetype: Dawning 

Aria: Chimera

Armored Saint: Revelation

Armored Saint: Nod To The Old School

Armored Saint: La Raza

Art Of Fear: Facing Hell Aska: Avenger (Ernst)
Aska: Avenger (Oliver) Aska: Absolute Power

A Tortured Soul: Kiss Of The Thorn

At Vance: Only Human

Athena: A New Religion? NEW (14.09.2010): Atlantean Kodex: The Golden Bough (Michael)

NEW (25.09.2010): Atlantean Kodex: The Golden Bough (Ernie)

Attacker: Soul Taker

Avalanch: El Angel Caido Avantasia: The Metal Opera

Axehammer: Lord Of The Realm

Azeroth: Azeroth

Azrael: Dimension IV

Azrael's Bane: Wings of Innocence

Bal-Sagoth: Atlantis Ascendant

Balance Of Power: Book Of Secrets

Balance Of Power: Ten More Tales...Of Grand Illusion

Ballistic: Ballistic

NEW (23.12.2009): Battlerage: Battle, Fire, Steel  
Battleroar: Battleroar BattleRoar: To Death And Beyond...

Beyond Fear: Beyond Fear

Beyond Twilight: The Devil's Hall Of Fame

Beyond Twilight: Section X The Black Symphony: Breathe
 Black Destiny: Black Is Where Our Heart Belongs   Black Destiny: In Neo Noir

Black Knight: Tales From The Darkside

Black Majesty: Sands of Time 

 Black Steel: Destructor

Blackstorm: Twist Of Fate

Blaze: Silicon Messiah

Blaze: The Tenth Dimension

Blind Guardian: Somewhere Far Beyond

Blind Guardian: Nightfall In Middle Earth

Blind Guardian: And Then There Was Silence

Blind Guardian: A Night At The Opera

Blind Guardian: A Twist In The Myth

Blitzkrieg: Absolute Power

Blitzkrieg: Sins And Greed Breaker: Accept - EP

Breaker: Get Tough! (Re-Release)

Brainstorm: Unholy

Brainstorm: Ambiguity

Brainstorm: Soul Temptation

Brainstorm: Liquid Monster Brimstone: Carving A Crimson Career

NEW (09.02.2010): Brutal Hand: Purgatory's Rage

Caffery, Chris: Faces / God Damn War
Caffery, Chris: W.A.R.P.E.D. Cauldron Born: Born Of The Cauldron

Cauldron Born: God Of Metal

Cage: Unveiled

Cage: Astrology

Cage: Darker Than Black

Cage: Hell Destroyer

(05.03.2010): Charred Walls Of The Damned: s/t

  Circle II Circle: Watching in Silence
Circle II Circle: The Middle Of Nowhere Circle II Circle: Burden Of Truth
Circus Maxium: Isolate Communic: Conspiracy In Mind

Conditioned Response: In Flagranti Delecto

Control Denied: The Fragile Art Of Existence

Crescent Shield: The Last Of My Kind

Crescent Shield: The Stars Of Never Seen

  Crimson Glory: Astronomica

Oliver: Crimson Glory: Astronomica

Crystal Eyes: World Of Black And Silver

Crystal Fate: Celestial Prohesy Crystal Viper: The Curse Of Crystal Viper

Custard: For My King

Damage: Hopes & Fears

Dark At Dawn: Baneful Skies

Dark At Dawn: Crimson Frost

Dark At Dawn: First Beams of Light

Dark Avenger: Dark Avenger

Dark Avenger: Tales Of Avalon - The Terror

Dark Forest: Dark Forest

Dawn Of Winter: In The Valley Of Tears Dawn Of Winterful: The Peaceful Dead

Danger: Keep Out

Dark Moor: The Hall Of The Olden Dreams

Dantesco: De La Mano De La Muerte Dark Moor: The Gates Of Oblivion

Days Of Yore: The Mad God's Wage

Deadly Sin: Diamonds And Tyrants

Death: The Sound Of Perseverance

Dark Forest: Defender (EP)

Deja Vu: Bullets To Spare  
Demons & Wizards: Touched By The Crimson King Destiny's End: Breathe Deep The Dark

Destiny's End: Transition

Destillery: Immortal Sun

Destructor: Forever In Leather DGM: Hidden Place

Dickinson, Bruce: The Chemical Wedding

Dickinson, Bruce: Tyranny Of Souls

Dickinson, Bruce: The Best Of Bruce Dickinson


Dio: Dio's Inferno - The Last In Live

Dio: Killing The Dragon

Dio: Evil Or Devine (DVD) Dio: Master of the Moon

Dio: Holy Diver Live

Diphtheria: To Wait For Fire

Distant Thunder: Welcome the End  
Distant Warning: For All Eternity Domine: Stormbringer Ruler
Domine: Emperor of the Black Runes Domine: Ancient Spirit Rising

DoomSword: Doomsword

DoomSword: Resound The Horn

DoomSword: Let Battle Commence

DoomSword: My Name Will Live On

Dream Weaver: Fantasy Revealed Dragonforce: Sonic Firestorm

Holy Dio - A Tribute To The Voice Of Metal

Diverse: Powermad 97 - Sampler

Dragon Lord: The Dragon Is Coming

Dutch Cult Metal Series (Jewel, Mysto Dysto, Defender, Hammer Hawk, L.W.S.)

Edenbridge: Sunrise In Eden

Edenbridge: Arcana

Edguy: Vain Glory Opera

Edguy: Theater Of Salvation

Edguy: Mandrake Edguy: Superheroes (EP)

Eidolon: Seven Spirits

Elegy: Manifestation Of Fear

Elvenking: To Oak Woods Bestowed (EP)

Emerald: Iron On Iron (Re-Release)

Emerald: Forces of Doom  

Emerald: Hymns To Steel

Eternal Reign: Crimes of Passion

Evergrey: Solitude - Dominance - Tragedy

Everdome: The Crown

Exciter: Blood Of Tyrants

Exciter: New Testament

Falconer: Falconer Falconer: Chapters From A Vale Forlorn
Falconer: The Sceptre of Deception Falconer: Northwind
Falconer: Among Beggars And Thieves  

Fates Prophecy: Into The Mind

Foreseen: A Prophet's Dream

Foreseen: Soulless Age

Forsaken: Trip to Nowhere

Final Answer: Visual Maze

Final Chapter: The Wizard Queen

Fiarro: Fiarro

Flotsam & Jetsam: Unnatural Selection

Freedom Call: Crystal Empire

Freedom Call: Eternity

Full Strike, Stefan Elgrem's: We Will Rise

Gamma Ray: Somewhere Out In Space

Gamma Ray: Powerplant

Gamma Ray: No World Order!

Gamma Ray: Skeletons in the Closet

Gamma Ray: Majestic

Gamma Ray: Land Of The Free II Gamma Ray: To The Metal!
  Gaskin: Stand Or Fall

Gladiators: Steel Vengeance

Goat Horn: Storming the Gates

Gothic Knights: Kingdom Of The Knights

Gothic Knights: Up From The Ashes

Grave Digger: Knights Of The Cross

Grave Digger: Excalibur

Grave Digger: Rheingold Grave Digger: The Grave Digger
Grave Digger: The Last Supper Grave Digger: Liberty Or Death
Grave Digger: Pray (EP) Grave Digger: Ballads Of A Hangman
Grave Digger: The Clans Will Rise Again Graven Image: Emperor Of Eternity

Greyhaven: Greyhaven

Hades: $avior $elf

Halford: Resurrection

Halford: Live Insurrection

  Halford: Crucible

HammerFall: Glory To The Brave

HammerFall: Legacy Of Kings

HammerFall: Renegade

HammerFall: Crimson Thunder

HammerFall: Chapter V - Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

Hanker: The Dead Ringer

Headstone: Wings Of Eternity

Heathendom: Nescience

Heaven & Hell: The Devil You Know

Heavenly: Coming From The Sky Heavens Gate: Menergy

Heimdall: Lord Of The Sky

Hellfire: Requiem For My Bride

Helloween: Better Than Raw

Helloween: The Dark Ride

Helloween: Rabbit Don't Come Easy Helloween: Keeper Of The Seven Keys III - The Legacy
Helloween: Gambling With The Devil Hibria: Defying the Rules

Hollow: Modern Cathedral

Holy Mother: Toxic Rain

Human Fortress: Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir

Human Fortress: Defenders of the Crown

Holy Martyr: Still At War

Holy Mother: Criminal Afterlife

Iced Earth: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Iced Earth: Alive In Athens

Iced Earth: The Melancholy E.P.

Iced Earth: Horror Show

Iced Earth: Dark Genesis (Box) Iced Earth: The Glorious Burden
Iced Earth: Overture Of The Wicked EP Iced Earth: Framing Armageddon
Icy Steel: Icy Steel Ignitor: Take to the Sky

Ilium: Permian Dusk

Inner Wish: Silent Faces

In Solitude: In Solitude

Iron Clad: Lost In A Dream

Iron Maiden: Virtual XI

Iron Maiden: Brave New World

Iron Maiden: Live At Rock In Rio Iron Maiden: Dance of Death

Iron Maiden: A Matter Of Life And Death

Sampler: Children Of The Damned - A Tribute To Iron Maiden

Iron Savior: Unification

Iron Savior: Dark Assault

Iron Savior: Condition Red

Iron Savior: Battering Ram

Ironsword: Ironsword Ironsword: Return of the Warrior

Ivanhoe: Polarized

Jacobs Dream: Jacobs Dream (EP)

Jacobs Dream: Jacobs Dream (Album 2000)

Jacobs Dream: Theater Of War

Jacobs Dream: Dominion Of Darkness NEW (08.01.2010): Jacobs Dream: Beneath The Shadows

Jag Panzer: The Fourth Judgement

Jag Panzer: The Age Of Mastery

Jag Panzer: Thane To The Throne

Jag Panzer: Mechanized Warfare

Jag Panzer: Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat Jag Panzer: Casting the Stones
Jag Panzer: Ample Destruction John Arch: A Twist of Fate (Michael)

John Arch: A Twist of Fate (Ernie)

Jon Oliva's Pain: 'Tage Majal

Jon Oliva's Pain: Global Warning

(05.03.2010): Jon Oliva's Pain: Festival

  Judas Priest: Machine Man (EP)
Judas Priest: Demolition Judas Priest: Angel of Retribution

Katagory V: Present Day

Kamelot: Siége Perilous

Kamelot: The Fourth Legacy

Kamelot: Karma

Kamelot: Epica

NEW (25.09.2010) Kamelot: Poetry For The Poisoned

KenZiner: Timescape

Killing Machine: Killing Machine

King Diamond: Voodoo

King Diamond: House Of God

King Diamond: Abigail II - The Revenge

King Diamond: The Puppet Master

Kiloton: The Seeds Of Genocide

Kotipelto: Waiting For The Dawn

Josh Kramer / Saint: Live At Headbangers Night 2

Labyrinth: Return To Heaven Denied

Labyrinth: Timeless Crime

Labyrinth: Sons Of Thunder

Lanfear: The Art Effect Lanfear: Another Golden Rage
Lanfear: X To The Power Of Ten  

Last Prophecy: Destination Unknown

Leatherwolf: Wide Open (Japan Import)

Lefay: The Seventh Seal

Lefay: ...---...

Legend Maker: The Path To Glory

Liar Symphony: Affair Of Honour

Lick The Blade: Graveyard Of Empires Lionsgate: Lionsgate
Logar's Diary: Book II - Parlainth Lonewolf: The Dark Crusade

Luca Turilli - King Of Nordic Twilight

Lujuria: Enemigos de la Castidad

Made Of Iron: Made Of Iron Mägo De Oz: FinisTerra

Mägo de Oz: Gaia

 Majestic: Abstract Symphony

Majesty: Sword & Sorcery

Majesty: Reign in Glory

Malediction: Condamnés

Malmsteen, Yngwie: Alchemy

Malmsteen, Yngwie: War To End All Wars

Malmsteen, Yngwie: Attack!!

Manifest: Find A New Place

Manigance: Ange ou Démon

Manilla Road: Atlantis Rising

 Manilla Road: Spiral Castle

Manilla Road: Mark of the Beast

Manilla Road: Invasion / Metal

Manilla Road: Gates Of Fire Manilla Road: Voyager

Manowar: Hell On Wheels - Live

Manowar: Hell On Stage - Live

Manowar: Warriors Of The World Manowar: Gods Of War

Masterplan: Enlighten Me (EP)

Masterplan: Masterplan

Masterplan: Aeronautics Masterplan: Mk II
Masterplan: Time To Be King  

Marauder: 1821

Marshall Law: Warning From History

Megadeth: The System Has Failed

Mercyful Fate: Dead Again

Mercyful Fate: 9

Memory Garden: Mirage

Metal Church: Live

Michael: Metal Church: Masterpeace

Oliver: Metal Church: Masterpeace Metal Church: Weight of the World

Metal Church: A Light In The Dark

Metal Inqusitor: Doomsday At The H.O.A.

Metalium: Millenium Metal -chapter one-

Metalium: State Of Triumph -chapter two-

Midnight Idöls: Sworn To The Night Miles Beyond: Miles Beyond
Mob Rules: Savage Land Montany: Montany

Moore: Bleed

Morgana: Angel

Morifade: Possession Of Power

Motörhead: We Are Motörhead

Motörhead: Hammered

Motörhead: Inferno

Motörhead: Kiss Of Death Motörhead: Motörizer

Mundanus Imperium: The Spectral Spheres Coronation

Murder One: Murder One

Mutiny: Guilty As Charged/Faded Pages

Mystic Force: Man vs. Machine

Mystic Prophecy: Regressus

Nasty Disaster: Metal Retardation (Demo)

Nevermore: Dreaming Neon Black

Nevermore: Dead Heart In A Dead World

Nevermore: Enemies of Reality

New Eden: Through The Make Believe

New Eden: Stagnant Progression

New Eden: Stagnant Progression (Re-Release +3)

Nightwish: Oceanborn

Nightwish: Wishmaster (Ernst)

Nightwish: Wishmaster (Oliver) Nightwish: Over The Hills And Far Away

Nightwish: Once

Nightshade: Men Of Iron (Oliver)

Nightwish: Century Child Nightwish: Dark Passion Play

Nocturnal Rites: The Sacred Talisman

Nightshade: Men Of Iron (Sascha)

Nocturnal Rites: Afterlife

Nocturnal Rites: Tales Of Mystery And Imagination

Nocturnal Rites: Shadowland

Nocturnal Rites: New World Messiah

Nocturnal Rites: Grand Illusion Nörthwind: Viento Del Norte

Nörthwind: El Retorno Del Rey

Not Fragile: 21th Century Ball

Not Fragile: Yesterday's Heroes

October 31: Meet Thy Maker

Order Of Nine: Of Once And Future Kings

Othyrworld: Beyond Into The Night Of Day

Omen: Eternal Black Dawn Onward: Evermoving

Onward: Reawaken

Outworld: Outworld

Overkill: Necroshine

Overkill: Bloodletting

Overkill: Killbox 13

Overkill: Immortalis

(05.03.2010): Overkill: Ironbound  
Overlorde: Overlorde 2000 (Demo-CD) Overlorde; Return of the Snow Giant

Paragon: Chalice Of Steel

Paragon: Steelbound

Pegazus: Wings Of Destiny

Pell, Axel Rudi: The Masquerade Ball

Phantom X: Storm Riders

Pharaoh: The Longest Night

Pharaoh: Be Gone Phoenix Rizing: Eternal Crusade

  Pink Cream 69: Electrified

Portrait: Portrait

Powergod: Bleed For The Gods - That's Metal Lesson I  

Power Symphony: Evillot

Power Symphony: Lightbringer

 Powers Court: Nine Kinds Of Hell

Predator: Predator

Premonition: Prozac & Razorblades

Pretty Maids: Back To Back - Best Of Pretty Maids

Pretty Maids: Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing

Pretty Maids: Carpe Diem

Pretty Maids: Planet Panic

Pretty Maids: Pandemonium

Prime Time: The Unknown  

Primal Fear: Primal Fear

Primal Fear: Jaws Of Death

Primal Fear: Nuclear Fire Primal Fear: Seven Seals

Profound: Deep and Sincere

Projecto: Projecto 

Projecto: Crown Of Ages

Prophecy: The Distance Behind

Prototype: Cloned

Push Comes II Shove: Deal With It!

Pyramaze: Melancholy Beast

Racer X: Technical Difficulties

Rage: XIII

Rage: Welcome To The Other Side

Rage: Unity

Rage: Soundchaser

(05.03.2010): Rage: Strings To A Web Rapid Fire: Brace Yourself

Rawhead Rexx: Rawhead Rexx

Reviver: Reviver

Revolution Renaissance: New Era Revolution Renaissance: Age Of Aquarius

Rhapsody: Symphony Of Enchanted Lands

  Rhapsody: Dawn Of Victory

Rhapsody: Rain Of A Thousand Flames

Rhapsody: Power Of The Dragonflame

Rhapsody: The Dark Secret

Rhapsody Of Fire: Triumph Or Agony Rhapsody: The Frozen Tears Of Angels
Rhapsody: The Cold Embrace Of Fear Riot: Inishmore

Ritual Steel: Blitz Invasion

Rival: Same/Modern World

Rob Rock: Rage Of Creation Rob Rock: Holy Hell

Rough Silk: Symphony Of Life

Royal Hunt: Paradox

Royal Hunt: Fear

Running Wild: The Rivalry

Running Wild: Victory

Running Wild: The Brotherhood

Sacred Sinner: Sacred Sinner

Sacred Steel: Reborn In Steel

Sacred Steel: Wargods Of Metal

Sacred Steel: Bloodlust

Sacred Steel: Slaughter Prophecy

Sacred Steel: Iron Blessings

Sacred Steel: Hammer Of Destruction  

Sarissa: Masters of Sins

Scuderio: Walking Through Mirrors

Salamandra: Skarremar

Savallion Dawn: The Charge

Sampler: Return Of The Mountain King: A Tribute To Savatage

Savage Circus: Dreamland Manor
Savatage: Poets & Madmen (Michael) Savatage: Poets & Madmen (Ernst)

Saviour Machine: Legend III:I

Saxon: Killing Ground

Saxon: The Saxon Chronicles (Doppel-DVD)

Saxon: Lionheart
Saxon: The Inner Sanctum Saxon: Into The Labyrinth
Saxon: Into The Labyrinth  
Seasons Of The Wolf: Seasons Of The Wolf Seasons Of The Wolf: Lost In Hell

Seasons Of The Wolf: Once In A Blue Moon

Seventh Seal: The Black Dragon's Eyes

Seven Witches: Xiled To Infinity And One

Seventh Avenue: Eternals

Shaman: Reason Shadowkeep: Shadow Keep (EP)
Shadowkeep: Corruption Within Shadowkeep: The Hourglass Effect
Silencer: Kozmos Silent Force: Infatuator
Sinner: The Nature Of Evil Sinner: There Will Be Execution
Sinergy: To Hell And Back Sinergy: Suicide By My Side

Six Minute Century: Time Capsules

Skelator: Time Of The Sword Rulers
NEW (18.08.2010): Skelator: Death To All Nations  
Skullview: Legends Of Valor Skullview: Consequences Of Failure
NEW (28.07.2010): Skullview: Metalkill The World Skyclad: Folkemon
Skyclad: A Semblance of Normality Skyclad: Complete History

Skylark: Gate Of Hell (Divine Gates, Part I)

Skylark: Gate Of Heaven (Divine Gates, Part II)

Skylark: The Princess' Day

Slough Feg, The Lord Weird: Down Among The Deadmen

Slough Feg, The Lord Weird: Traveller Solemnity: Lords Of The Damned

Solitaire: Extremely Flammable

Solitude Aeturnus: Adagio

Sonata Arctica: Ecliptica Sonata Arctica: Silence

Sonata Arctica: Winterheart's Guild

Spellbinder: An Invalidated Dream, Pt. 1

Spirit Web: Spirit Web

Steel Assassin: War Of The Eight Saints

Steel Assassin: In Hellfire Forged  
Steel Prophet: Into The Void Steel Prophet: Dark Hallucinations
Steel Prophet: Messiah Steel Prophet: Genesis
Steel Prophet: Book Of Dead Steel Warrior: Visions From The Mistland
Steelhouse Lane: Slaves Of The New World StormWarrior: StormWarrior
StormWarrior: Heavy Metal Fire StormWarrior: Northern Rage
Stormrider: Vengeance Stormrider: Shipwrecked
Stormwind: Stargate Stormwitch: Dance With The Witches
Stratovarius: Visions Over Europe Stratovarius: Destiny
Stratovarius: Infinite Stratovarius: Intermission
Stratovarius: Elements, Part I Stratovarius: Stratovarius
Stratovarius: Polaris Striker: Road Warrior (EP)

NEW (16.04.2010): Striker: Eyes Of The Night

Strikelight: Strikelight

Supreme Majesty: Enigma (EP)

Symphorce: Truth To Promises

Symphorce: Sinctuary Symphorce: PhorcefulAhead
Symphorce: Twice Second Taunted: Bleeding Black
  Tad Morose: Undead Tad Morose: Matters Of The Dark
Tad Morose: Modus Vivendi Tank: Still At War
Tank: War Machine  
The Sygnet: Children Of The Future Therion: Secrets Of The Runes
Thor: Devastation Of Musculation ThunderStorm: Sad Symphony
Thunder Rider: Tales of Darkness & Light - Chapter II

Tierra Santa: Medieval

Tierra Santa: Tierras De Leyenda

Tierra Santa: Sangre De Reyes

Tierra Santa: Indomable

Titan Steele: The Force

NEW (13.02.2009): Total Eclipse: Spellcaster

NEW (20.12.2009): Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Night Castle

Trampled Underfoot: Trampled Underfoot (Michael)  
Trampled Underfoot: Trampled Underfoot (Ernst)

Trojan: Superiority, Honesty & Heaviness

Twelfth Gate: Threshold Of Revelation

Twisted Tower Dire: The Curse Of Twisted Tower

Twisted Tower Dire: The Isle Of Hydra Twisted Tower Dire: Crest of the Martyrs
Twisted Tower Dire: Netherworlds

Tyrus: Masters Of Revenge

U.D.O.: Live From Russia

U.D.O.: Man And Machine

U.D.O.: Thunderball U.D.O. Mission No. X
(11.09.2009): U.D.O.: Dominator Unrest: Cold Steel Whisper
V.A.: Heroes Of Steel, Vol. 4 (20.12.2009): V.A.: Keep It True - The Underground Kodex Vol. 1
Vainglory: Vainglory Valiance: The Unglorious Conspiracy
Valkija: Avengers Of Steel

Valley's Eve: The Atmosphere Of Silence

Veni Domine: Spirital Wasteland Veni Domine: IIII - The Album of Labour
Veni Domine: Tongues  
Vicious Rumors: Cyberchrist Vicious Rumors: Warball
Viperine: The Predator Awakens Vision Divine: Vision Divine
Virgin Steele: Invictus Virgin Steele: The House Of Atreus Act I
Virgin Steele: Magick Fire Music (EP) Virgin Steele: The House Of Atreus Act II
Virgin Steele: Book Of Burning / Hymns To Victory   Vyndykator: Heaven sent from Hell
Wardog: A Sound Beating Warlord: Rising Out Of The Ashes
Warrior: The Code Of Life W.A.S.P.: Unholy Terror
W.A.S.P.: Dying For The World W.A.S.P.: Dominator
Wayne: Metal Church White Skull: Public Glory, Secret Agony
While Heaven Wept: Vast Oceans Lachrymose  
Wizard: The Battle Of Metal Wolf's Moon: Keep Metal Alive
Wotan: Carmina Barbarica Wytchfynde: The Awakening
Xiron: Turn To Stone Zandelle: Twilight On Humanity

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